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Shake coffee, workers do not want to use their brains to change careers first choice!

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"Ali resigned and changed to a barista!"the big factory resigned naked and became a barista, happy and rich."the Internet turned to baristas, but it's not a part-time job!"about my thoughts on the year when I switched from design institute to Starbucks."


At a time when every industry seems to have entered a dead stage, mindless "light manual work" has hit the hearts of countless beating workers, among which making coffee has become the first choice for this wave of young people to change careers, taking the initiative to escape from their desks to the bar.

The so-called light physical work refers to those physical work that do not have to turn their brains at all and will not be too tired. Among them, "light" is the most attractive key element. Compared with the really hard-working workers at the bottom, people who yearn for light manual work usually experience mental internal friction that is difficult to adapt to in their original positions, so they hope to find the comfort zone in the low-threshold labor and experience the feeling of emptying at the same time.

Last year, a blogger posted a vote on the social platform with the theme "three most attractive" immortal jobs ". In the end, baristas unsurprisingly won the first place with a very high filter, followed by animal keepers and bookstore clerks. In their eyes, baristas can stay in the cafe every day without thinking or working overtime, while smelling the aroma of coffee while exchanging extraction and taste with guests, which is free and happy.

Especially in the major chain brands, we can notice that more and more people show their personal experience of changing careers to coffee.

Yesterday, a worker who changed his career from a legal track to Lucky wrote down in detail how he felt when he devoted himself to making coffee: compared with the internal friction and mental tiredness of 6 to 7 hours a day in a law firm, it was much easier to do single work and close time in Ruixing's 9 hours; simple interpersonal relationship did not require a lot of mental physical work, and he felt more fulfilled when he started his work. Anyway, working in Ruixing makes her feel very happy.

I remember that at the end of last year, there was a story about a career change from an architectural design company to Starbucks for nearly a year. After being fed up with the "disaster life" of endless overtime, the protagonist finally plucked up the courage to change careers a year ago, and the daily "shaking coffee" routine of wearing a Starbucks apron helped him find a passion for life.

It is not difficult to find that these people dare to escape from the office, escaping from the suffocating work stress and mental friction. However, everyone is well aware of the shortcomings of this kind of light manual work. So, will a career-changing coffee still be a "cost-effective" decent job?

In a note titled "Financial advice on changing careers", a former financial man realized after changing careers that his career as a barista was not what he thought it would be. As a branch of the service industry, in addition to the sense of service and the daily work of washing and brushing, we also have to solve the various needs of guests. In addition, the "battered" shoulder, neck and lumbar vertebrae are very difficult for the body to stand for 8 hours a day. In terms of income, there is a big difference. Without the so-called commission and bonus, the salary of a barista is almost only NT $3,000, which is three times lower than that of finance.

For example, the legal partner in front, for the legal track, after considering factors such as small wage increases, limited room for development, and no need for in-depth thinking, it is difficult to find a stable life by switching to coffee (lucky). But for friends who are in a period of confusion, a part-time job of "shaking coffee" may be a good choice to help tide over the difficulties. After the revival, we will continue to plan and develop our own path of life.

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