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Less than three months! The coffee shop was closed?!

Published: 2024-06-13 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow| At the end of last year, we saw such "unconventional" figures in the price list of coffee shops: 2888 yuan, 4988 yuan, 6200 yuan, 13333 yuan... A cup of "sky-high coffee" that is more expensive than a cup of gold is frequent all over the country.

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At the end of last year, we saw some "unconventional" figures in the coffee shop price list: 2888 yuan, 4988 yuan, 6200 yuan, 13333 yuan. The "sky-high price of coffee", which is more expensive than one cup of gold, has appeared frequently all over the country, and it has also rushed to the list of hot searches on Weibo, sparking heated discussion among netizens. Among them, a Shanghai store selling "6200 yuan per cup" gained a lot of popularity because it was reported by a number of media.

This morning, according to Xinmin Evening News, a coffee shop that became popular online last year after a cup of coffee sold for 6200 yuan has been revealed to be closed.

According to public pictures, the shop, located in Jing'an District, Shanghai, has closed its doors, all the equipment and materials in the store have been cleared away, and several paper cups are scattered on the bar. The stones originally used for coffee are now scattered everywhere, and there are still some garbage bags under the stool.

On Dianping, the store showed that it was "closed", and the last comment was posted on January 4. A reporter tried to contact the merchant, but the store phone remained off all the time and could not be connected. Perhaps we will not know the real reason for closing the store.

According to APP, the coffee shop was registered on October 13 last year. However, according to the promotion posts sent by netizens, the trial operation actually began in early November. The merchants who mainly focus on the boutique coffee route launched 6200 yuan / cup of high-priced hand-brewed coffee at the beginning of the business, touting the "2023 Best Panamanian King Carmen Manor washing Rose Summer" limited reservation for sale. A shop assistant once said in an interview: "the number of beans is limited, so we have ordered two cups."

Although shortly after attracting attention, the merchant announced that the bidder had suspended the sale of beans at the request of the boss, and the coffee price list, which was popular all over the network, had also been withdrawn, but the title of "sky-high coffee" still brought heat to the store for a short period of time. At that time, it also attracted many netizens to sign in, and there was a scene of continuous passenger flow in the store for a time.

Now, however, the store has "pulled out overnight", showing a scene of empty buildings, forming a sharp contrast. In this regard, it has been estimated that the "life cycle" of this coffee shop is less than three months from being popular on the Internet to being closed to customers.

It is reported that in 2023, a batch of "sky-high-priced coffee" emerged one after another across the country. # coffee sold for 4988 yuan per cup in Hangzhou # and 6200 yuan per cup in Shanghai # and # a cup of coffee at 13000 yuan responded by the shopkeeper. Although the prices of each store vary, even beyond the imagination of ordinary people, the title of "2023 BOP King" is indispensable behind their high prices.

In fact, during the active period of those high-priced coffee, we can find that rather than go to the store to drink, many low-key coffee people are more likely to jointly buy a "standard king" cooked beans and share them with their coffee friends. After all, under the superposition of Panama's rosy summer, high quality and very few buff, everyone wants to taste its unique and rare coffee aroma, so even if the price is as high as four digits, some people will still be willing to pay for it.

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