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Lucky launched hand-made coffee, netizen: don't play!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop all the time, Luckin Coffee gives consumers the impression that besides various joint names, it is 9.9 a cup of coffee, which also causes the public's positioning of Luckin Coffee to stay on the low-price chain coffee brand, which is less refined and more than Starbucks.

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For a long time, Luckin Coffee gave consumers the impression of 9.9 cup of coffee in addition to various joint names, which also caused the public's positioning of Luckin Coffee to stay on the low-price chain coffee brand, which is less refined than Starbucks. More approachable.

As a result, when the number of stores exceeded 10,000, Ruixing finally wanted to make a breakthrough and turn its 10,000 stores into its first flagship store, which specially launched hand-brewed coffee in addition to coffee drinks in other stores. This is also the only store where Lucky currently has hand-brewed coffee, so it attracts a lot of netizens to check it out.

Some time ago, some netizens recorded and shared the whole production process of Ruixing hand-brewed coffee on the social platform. Judging from the video shared by netizens, Ruixing's hand-brewed coffee is different from what people remember. The common impression of hand brewing coffee is that the barista holds a hand brewer and elegantly pours water into the filter cup, but Lucky's hand brewing coffee is not made by the barista, but by a machine that simulates the brewing method of the champion barista.

The lucky staff first took 23 grams of beans for grinding, then poured the coffee powder into the hand flushing pot, placed the hand flushing pot at the outlet of the machine, and injected hot water with a water temperature of 88 degrees in ten times. the powder was blocked, but the clerk didn't seem to notice. The machine continues to brew. The whole extraction process lasted about 3 minutes, and a total of 330 milliliters of coffee liquid was obtained.

After receiving the coffee and flavor card from the shop assistant, the netizen thought that Ruixing's hand coffee liquid looked light in color, and the coffee tasted less obvious and tasteless. After asking, the clerk explained that "the hot coffee will be a little light."

After watching the whole process of Ruixing hand-brewing coffee, netizens said one after another that it was obviously made by a machine, how could it be called hand-brewing coffee!

"if it is gaudy, it would be better to serve it directly to the Smart Cup,"Machine-made hand-made coffee", "flooded version of hand-made coffee", and some netizens even directly advised Rui Xing, "Don't play with hand-brewing bar" and "isn't it good to make your commercial coffee well?"

However, some netizens said that the color of the coffee liquid of shallow baked beans would be light, and "what kind of bicycle do you want with a hand of 20 yuan?" Some netizens who have tried Ruixing hand-made coffee in the store also think that the coffee is "pretty good" and "at least meets my rigid needs."

As for the flavor of hand-brewed coffee, it can only be said that thousands of people have thousands of noodles, and there is no way to judge whether Ruixing's hand-brewed coffee is really delicious by their own words. However, from the whole brewing process, some netizens said that "the essence of hand brewing is human", and the coffee made by machines should not be called "hand brewed coffee".

In addition, some netizens think that Lucky employees are not professional enough in making hand-brewed coffee, that the situation of powder blocking is not dealt with in time, and that they are also slightly perfunctory in answering customer questions.

Netizens do not understand that Ruixing wants to develop high-quality coffee, but they also hope that Ruixing can improve its products, so that consumers can get real value for money when buying hand-made coffee.

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