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Coffee calorie assessment is on the rise, netizens: drink coffee so roll?!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop is approaching, when you think of going back to your hometown to meet relatives and friends, many friends should start to worry about being cue, "Ouch seems to be fat", so they start to work hard to lose weight before the festival, control calorie intake, after all, wear it beautifully.

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As the Spring Festival is approaching, when you think of going back to your hometown to meet relatives and friends, many children should begin to worry about being cue, "Oh, you seem to have gained weight." so they began to work hard to lose weight and control their calorie intake before the festival. After all, they have to wear new clothes beautifully to welcome the new year.

As a result, coffee-loving friends began to measure the calories of drinks in various coffee shops, and many bloggers can share their results on social platforms, including coffee brands including Starbucks, Lucky, Manner, Tims, Cuddy and so on. In addition to coffee, some decaffeinated drinks and desserts are also affectionately marked with calories by bloggers.

Netizens who not only need caffeine to refresh themselves, but also need to reduce fat and control sugar are seeing these collated calorie assessments, leaving messages of thanks and likes.

Since most coffee brands do not disclose the materials and ingredients used for each drink, most of the calorie evaluations of these drinks on social platforms are conducted internally by some fitness bloggers or employees of coffee shops. there is a certain deviation in the calorie value of drinks, which can only be used as a reference and cannot be regarded as an authoritative calorie standard.

Some netizens wonder, "do you need such a roll to drink coffee now?" but in fact, this can not be called a "roll", but reflects the pursuit of health of contemporary young people.

Last year, many brands launched "health-preserving coffee" once became the pursuit of young people, "Chinese wolfberry latte", "ginseng American style" and so on, many netizens issued orders to buy, and feedback to launch this kind of drink shop owner mainly hit a real material, beating workers indispensable coffee with visible medicine, both refreshing and ensuring health, attracting a group of young people who pursue "punk health".

From this point of view, young consumers not only enjoy a good life, but also pay attention to their physical conditions, and their requirements for drinks are gradually diversified. for example, young people who need to keep in good health will want more health-preserving drinks from merchants. young people who need to reduce fat and control sugar want more low-sugar and low-calorie drinks to choose from.

Although sugar-free black coffee such as American and hand-brewed coffee meets the needs of these young people, some young people admit that they cannot bear the bitterness of life when drinking sugar-free black coffee, and prefer low-sugar and low-calorie milk curry drinks. as a result, at the end of last year, K Coffee launched a 0-sugar raw coconut latte to help consumers reduce sugar intake in raw materials, while ensuring the taste of the coffee. It is very popular with weight loss stars.

Whether it is "health coffee" or 0-sugar low-calorie coffee drinks, all meet the increasingly strong needs of young people to pursue good health. We can also see that "health-preserving health" may become the development trend of drinks in the new year, and "0-sugar low-calorie" may become one of the factors that various coffee brands consider the proportion of ingredients when studying new products.

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