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Manner restaurants are slow to get bad reviews from netizens!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop all along, Manner is deeply loved by consumers because of its high performance-to-price ratio and responsive service attitude. Many migrant workers like to bring their own cups to Manner to buy coffee, while some consumers will place orders in advance on Mini Program.

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For a long time, Manner has been deeply loved by consumers because of its cost-effective and responsive service attitude. Many migrant workers like to bring their own cups to Manner to buy coffee, while some consumers place orders on Mini Program in advance and take them to the office on their way to work.

However, recently, many netizens have reported that the order completion time shown on Manner's Mini Program is not in line with the actual situation, and the actual waiting time during the peak period ranges from 20 minutes to one hour. Moreover, the situation of "eating slowly" is not uncommon, nor is it limited to a certain area. Netizens reported that Manner stores often have only one employee, so that employees are so busy when orders burst, Mini Program shows that the meal is not actually cooked yet, helplessly leaving customers and takeout riders waiting at the bar.

Recently, some netizens gave poor comments on the Manner store on the platform, accusing the store of unreasonable staffing and causing it to be slow, instead of blaming the Manner staff who were having lunch during the break, but the netizen later received a reply from the Manner store that "the staff involved have been seriously dealt with". The netizen said the operation of the Manner store was "really disgusting".

For this matter, many netizens who like Manner and buy it for a long time are deeply impressed. Some netizens speak for Manner employees, "really, I see that only one clerk in many stores is really too squeezed", "outrageous reply from this merchant", "Capital squeeze", "not blaming the clerk, this is the company's problem, ah, scheduling alone is really outrageous", "I think the staff are really tired every time." If you want to order, you have to make coffee and answer questions.

Manner employees said that the store allocates staff according to operating income and does not allocate more staff because of the morning rush or afternoon tea peak, which often causes employees to be too busy to touch the floor when the store bursts orders.

The fact that there is only one employee at the big bar seems to have become the consensus of many consumers who often patronize Manner. Previously, some netizens shared the accurate toilet time of Manner employees to seconds. Although it was an interesting way of communication between employees and consumers, they could actually see Manner employees having no choice but to enjoy themselves in the message of "going to the bathroom for 10 minutes".

Some consumers, who are also working workers, said that they can understand and even sympathize with the situation of Manner employees, thinking that Manner's arrangement of store manpower is extremely unreasonable, while some netizens who are more sympathetic to Dali say that they will not issue orders during the peak period, or when they go to the store to see that employees are worried about bursting orders.

Netizens said that consumers understand that it is not easy to sympathize with Manner employees, so they choose to complain about Manner's slow meals on social platforms, and the original intention of doing so is not to criticize Manner employees, but to hope that Manner will pay attention to this phenomenon and rationalize the arrangement of offline stores, so that it will not torture employees too much and will not erode consumers' good feelings towards Manner.

After all, people don't want to have their wages deducted during the morning rush hour for waiting for a cup of coffee until they are late.

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