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"which award-winning coffee shops are more likely to disappoint?"

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Last Updated: 2024/03/01, Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop for coffee lovers, there are various reasons to go to a coffee shop. Some people want to go to a store to try new products, while others want to discuss and communicate with baristas. In the long run, they have their own good heart and their own treasure coffee shop. Some time ago, there was a coffee lover.

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For coffee lovers, there are various reasons to go to a coffee shop. Some people want to go to a shop to try new products, while others want to discuss and communicate with baristas. In the long run, they have their own hearts and treasure coffee shops.

Some time ago, a coffee lover shared his feelings after going to a favorite coffee shop. When he went to drink coffee that day, the coffee shop owner and the award-winning barista were not there. After looking at the menu, he chose a latte made from match beans, made by another barista at the store at the time.

What disappointed him was that the latte he got had holes in the foam. The overall taste was not good, and the taste could only be considered qualified. It did not meet his expectations.

Originally, it was a coffee shop with a good impression and good quality. After changing to a barista, the quality of coffee was not as good as before, or even below normal standards. This made the coffee lover disappointed and a little puzzled. Was the quality of coffee brewed by other employees of this champion coffee shop so poor?

Champion Coffee not only has award-winning baristas, but also other employees, which consumers can understand. But,"if only the champion and a few employees brew good coffee, while the rest of the staff barely make it to the passing line, isn't it unfair to consumers to have bad coffee? "

The coffee lover's question caused a lot of netizens to discuss, some netizens shared that they had also been to the so-called champion shop card try and then disappointed and return experience, there are also netizens said that not every barista can control the game beans, champion barista may also roll over, encounter does not meet expectations of the situation is not unable to understand and accept.

When a coffee shop has a name that says "there has been a big prize" or "there has been a champion barista," many consumers who go to drink coffee must go to this name and think about the quality of the coffee made by the champion.

Therefore, with full expectations to find the door, not to meet the champion barista may be a little disappointed, but for coffee lovers, a cup of good coffee can also soothe the inner expectations of the unhappy. But if you don't even have a good cup of coffee, the disappointment will be magnified and even label the coffee shop as "stepping on thunder."

Some netizens said that they do not insist that the champion must stand at the bar reception, but also can accept the coffee made by other baristas in the store, just hope to get basic service attitude and a cup of qualified coffee.

However, the champion coffee shop that netizens went to brought only a very poor experience, and the long-awaited shop was only disappointed, and the overall impression of the coffee shop and coffee brand was not good.

In this regard, coffee as a refreshing drink netizens think they went to the award-winning shop basically did not disappoint, after all, as long as there is not too high expectations, naturally there will not be too much disappointment and disappointment.

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