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The order was rejected during business hours, shop assistant: the order has been cut off!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop when the store was almost closed and the coffee machine had been cleaned, a guest suddenly opened the door and asked, "can I still order a cup of coffee?" I don't know how many coffee beaters have experienced such moments and how to deal with guests when they encounter them.

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When the store was nearing the end of business, after the coffee machine had been cleaned, a guest suddenly opened the door and asked, "can I still order a cup of coffee?" I wonder how many coffee beaters have experienced such a moment. How will you respond to the guest's order request when you encounter it?

Recently, some consumers complained that they went to place an order before the end of business in a coffee shop, but they were directly refused by the clerk. The clerk explained that the business hours of the store had been changed and closed earlier than the business hours posted on the door, so the store closed the order ahead of time and did not accept customer orders. In addition, the coffee machine in the store had been cleaned at that time, and the clerk said that he would no longer turn on the coffee machine to make coffee for customers.

When he wanted to order but was rejected, the consumer must be unhappy, so he questioned whether the guests could still order after the coffee shop was closed. As for the situation reflected by the consumers, netizens have their own views.

Some netizens believe that even if the door is open for business, guests will definitely come in to receive guests, not to mention that the time when the consumer came to the store to place an order was still within the business hours of the coffee shop, so the coffee shop clerk should provide coffee to consumers during business hours.

Another part of the netizens believe that all the stores have closed at the end of the day, and it is almost the end of business time after the clerk cleans the coffee machine and cleans up. At this time, some customers come in and ask for an order, and it is understandable that workers who do not want to work overtime refuse.

First, the shop assistant may not be paid for overtime, and it will take some time for the coffee machine that has been turned off to restart and preheat, and the clerk will have to clean the machine again after making coffee, so it is reasonable for the shop assistant to refuse the customer's order request.

Coffee shop is not only catering, but also provides services to consumers, the service attitude of the store will largely affect whether consumers will spend again, so netizens think that consumers should be satisfied as long as they want to order during the store's business hours, and the service that makes them feel at home can also give coffee shops more points.

On the other hand, dissenting netizens said that in real business, many coffee shops will cut off the order in advance before the store's business hours, and after cleaning the coffee machine, they have to do a good job of collecting the bar, cleaning the store, and so on. It may be normal to get off work after business hours, so it is not difficult to understand that clerks who want to finish work early and go home are unwilling to turn on the coffee machine to make coffee for customers.

Netizens who can sympathize with coffee workers and understand consumers believe that they can be slightly flexible in such a situation. If the coffee machine in the store has been cleaned and a consumer wants to order, the clerk can introduce to the consumer other drinks in the store that do not need the coffee machine, and remind the consumer of the closing time of the store. let consumers choose whether to continue to place orders.

Even if there is no drink to choose from in the store, the clerk should decline the consumer's request with a good attitude so as not to disappoint the consumer who comes to the store.

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