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Ice pupil B75, a filter cup that can "squeeze" sweetness

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Last month, Qianjie introduced a more popular cone ice pupil filter cup. The groove design allows the filter paper to fit perfectly and gives the coffee a full and mellow taste. Today, let's get to know its distant relative-Ice pupil B75 filter cup. The ice pupil B75 filter cup is made by Li Jinlong.

Last month, Qianjie introduced a more popular cone ice pupil filter cup. The groove design allows the filter paper to fit perfectly and gives the coffee a full and mellow taste. Today, let's get to know its distant relative-Ice pupil B75 filter cup.

Ice pupil B75 filter cup is a filter cup jointly designed with Timo and launched in 2022 by Li Jinlong to express the "sweet and clean" characteristics of coffee and hope to obtain stable coffee through simpler extraction. Because the flat bottom filter cup is Basket in English, and the tilt angle of the filter cup is 75 °, it is named "B75".

The ice pupil B75 from Qianjie uses a lighter resin material, which is neat and transparent as a whole, and also has a super high appearance.

Different from other flat-bottomed filter cups, the bottom of the ice pupil B75 is designed as a super-large sewer hole with a diameter of 5cm. A total of 10 staggered edges are used to support the filter paper, which is not easy to slide during water injection. Except for the edges, the rest of the bottom is hollowed out, so that the coffee liquid can further accelerate the infiltration.

The filter cup wall adopts the thick body design of 0.5cm, which provides better thermal insulation for the powder bed and achieves more efficient extraction. The edge of the cup forms a 75 °angle with the bottom, which is more vertical than the ordinary filter cup, making the coffee powder layer falling into the filter cup closer to the "cylindrical" shape.

In addition, there are 20 inner concave diversion grooves running through the top and bottom of the filter cup, which makes the flow path shorter and the water more smooth. When used with cake filter paper, thick pressed powder allows each particle to accept the "baptism" of hot water more fairly, thus improving the overall extraction uniformity.

In order to understand the extraction effect of the ice pupil B75 filter cup and the difference between the ice pupil B75 filter cup and the conical ice pupil filter cup, 74158 Santavini of Ethiopia was used as the cooking object in Qianjie. With the same parameters, the ice pupil B75 filter cup and the ice pupil cone filter cup were used for extraction, and their taste characteristics were compared.

Coffee beans: 15g powder water ratio: 1:15 water temperature: 92 ℃ grinding: EK43s scale 9.5( standard sieve 20 sieve 82%) three-stage: 30g stuffy steam for 30 seconds, the second stage from the inside to the outside circle injected 85g of hot water, when the liquid level dropped to 1 minute 5 seconds ~ 1 minute 10 seconds, all the remaining 110g water was filled.

Cone ice pupil filter cup: the velocity of coffee liquid is faster in the front and middle part, and slows down in the back section, and the total filtration time is 2 minutes and 15 seconds. Coffee with tropical fruit, raspberry, light flower-based flavor, low temperature presents a bright citric acid, light texture, full of acidity. After the coffee is cooled, the tea rhyme is mostly drunk, the aroma is general, and the taste is slightly muddy.

Ice pupil B75 filter cup: the flow rate of coffee liquid is smooth and stable, and the dripping ends in 2 minutes and 09 seconds. Coffee entrance is dried mango, strawberry, black tea aroma, sweet feeling is very prominent, as the temperature drops slightly, orange-like juice is obvious, the tail rhyme is shorter. Even if the coffee is completely cooled, the fruity taste is still prominent, and there is almost no bitterness, and the taste bud experience is very pleasant.

Compared with the conical filter cup, the large pore diameter of B75 makes the flow rate faster and the coffee is not easy to be extracted, so it is allowed to use finer grinding to improve the overall extraction rate, so that more high-quality flavor in the coffee can be released. Combined with the above cooking comparison, Qianjie believes that highly sweet beans with ice pupil B75 filter cup can give full play to its advantages.

In addition, in the process of cooking test, the front street found that the angle between B75 flat bottom design and 75 °made the powder bed thinner, and tended to be slightly wider above and narrower trapezoid below, and the water level remained horizontal throughout the process, which was not easy to be affected by manipulation. In other words, even if the flow of water cannot be controlled evenly, it can eventually participate in the extraction of coffee. This feature is very friendly and easier to use for beginners who are not adept at flow control.

Finally, Qianjie wants to try the ice flushing scheme of B75 filter cup, and considering that this filter cup designed by Li Jinlong is to better express the cleanliness and sweetness of coffee, then we choose another washed coffee bean: emerald Green Rose Summer.

Coffee beans: 15g powder water ratio: 1:15 Water temperature: 92 ℃ Grinding degree: EK43s scale 9 (standard sieve 20 sieve 85%) three-stage type: 30g, 70g, 50g

Using the water extracted by the ice pupil B75 filter cup to wash the green roses, the summer ice hands rushed into the mouth with the aroma of honey, cream and tangerine, which tasted like chilled grapefruit green tea. Although the level is not as rich as that of hot hands, the sense of juice is very balanced. People want to continue to drink after drinking.


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