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Ruixing will work with Maotai again? Netizen: clear the stock!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/18, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop among the joint names of the major coffee brands last year, the most outstanding one should be the Maoxing and Maotai joint launch of the Maotai latte, the combination of the two well-known brands, coupled with the magical combination of liquor and coffee, led to the Maotai latte on the new day and Lucky offline stores.

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Among the joint names of the major coffee brands last year, the most outstanding one should be the Maotai latte jointly launched by Ruixing and Maotai, the combination of the two well-known brands, coupled with the magical combination of liquor and coffee, resulting in varying degrees of explosion in stores on the new day and offline stores on the new day.

As a result, Maotai became a hot search, and once became a hot topic among netizens, among which many netizens questioned whether the devil combination of "liquor + coffee" would be extremely bad. Lucky uses solid sales and customer feedback to prove the popularity of Maoxiang latte since it was launched, and it still exists for consumers to choose from on the ordering platform with Ruixing.

Recently, news spread on the social platform that Ruixing will cooperate with Maotai. According to netizens, Ruixing will launch "Dragon year Sauce Chocolate" next week, and Oriental Finance also checked with the staff of a Ruixing store. The other side said that Maotai Maotai chocolate will be on the shelves next week. Ingredients include chocolate, thick milk from Maotai, milk and coffee liquid.

Perhaps because of the reference case of Maotai latte, netizens guessed that Ruixing's Maotai-flavored chocolate should taste similar to Jiuxin chocolate. and said, "this is not bored to death", "disgusting taste", "really bad taste", "it has to be a poisonous taste".

Another netizen is concerned that Ruixing's new product launched in cooperation with Maotai this time is not much different from the previous Maotai latte, so they think that this new product is an inventory clearance behavior of both partners. use the traffic accumulated by Maotai latte, an "out-of-date Internet celebrity", to market again.

It is not uncommon for Ruixing to sell new products after slightly changing the formula. For example, Chu Orange latte, which was launched at the beginning of this year, was sold into a new product after adding something to the original basis. The aim is to clean up the stock of thick milk. The same is true of the "Big Orange Dali American style" which was launched a few days ago. It has become a new product after adding direct water to the American coffee with orange crushed ice.

As a brand chain, the backlog of raw materials is normal, and it is understandable to use the original materials to innovate. Netizens also said that it is not only Ruixing who adjusts the composition of a certain drink when the new product is sold. Starbucks previously launched the "roasted sweet potato flavor tea latte" is a similar operation.

For the brand side, the behavior of selling new products after the original formula is adjusted can not only clear the inventory of raw materials, but also maintain a certain frequency of new product updates, so that consumers can always maintain a sense of freshness to the brand. In the past month, Ruixing co-signed with Chu Orange, Xiaolan and his friends, and the 2024 Australian Open, together with the online joint partnership with Maotai, Ruixing almost every week has a reason to attract Swiss believers to spend money.

However, beverage research and development may not necessarily keep up with the updating speed of activities, so in order to maintain such a high frequency of activity updates, Ruixing can only adjust the original products and sell them as new products, and maintain the new speed by means of "fried cold rice." it can also firmly attract consumers who pursue new ideas.

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