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The goods are not right! Piye's new product was ridiculed as "too ugly"!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop 2024 has passed one of 24, and the seriously wrapped coffee industry has fought a round of joint battles in half a month. Rui Lucky and Xiaolan and his friends jointly launched scraping music, opening a new joint game; has been fighting with Lucky in the ring.

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One of the 24 years after 2024, the seriously inrolled coffee industry has fought a round of joint battles in half a month. Lucky launched scraping music with Xiaolan and his friends at the same time, opening a new game; Kudi, who has been fighting with Lucky, moved out a new spokesman and went through the hot search with the help of the publicity of star fans.

Starbucks, which has always rarely launched joint-signature activities, has finally joined in, announcing that it will co-sign with "wreaking havoc in Heaven". The linkage between international brands and domestic popular IP has really attracted attention, but at present there is a lot of thunder and little rain, so people don't know what Starbucks is going to do next.

The new round of joint business war is in full swing, and Pi Ye, who is not willing to catch up with other brands, recently launched a joint activity with the Dunhuang Museum, which is surrounded by Chinese aesthetics, which has greatly captured a large number of fans who like literary gadgets.

Exquisite workmanship, rich cultural characteristics of the treasure charm and couplet refrigerator stickers full of blessings and contextual couplets almost made some young consumers who like traditional culture unable to stop. Not long after the event was launched, they issued orders one after another, took photos and commented on the dragon, and took the best wishes sent out by Pi Yeh and the Dunhuang Museum.

As for the two drinks launched by Pi Yeh at this event, the source of the two drinks is Li Guangxing, a specialty of Dunhuang. The local characteristics and beautiful naming let consumers say that although they know that drinking the drink will not come true, they will be willing to issue an order to try because of this blessing, "drink this cup in the New year and get a good win."

However, as soon as he took the drink from the clerk's hand and had no time to take a nice picture, the cream top of the drink collapsed more than half of it. Even so, the melted cream mixed with coffee liquid trickled down the wall of the cup. Both takeout cups and restaurant cups become dirty, especially affecting customers' consumer experience.

Take a look at the real new Piye products in front of us, and then take a look at the posters posted on the wall. Netizens can't help complaining, "that's not the slightest bit of bad", "I didn't think there was such a big gap," and "a genuine 99." a 9.9 yuan free delivery, "this is not exactly the same as the picture, it simply has nothing to do with it."

Judging from Piye's order on Mini Program, the cream tops of the two new products can be added or not, but netizens who want to taste fresh or take pictures naturally want to get a drink almost the same as that shown on the poster. If you order the same hot drink as on the poster, all you can get is the rapidly melted cream top, which, besides being ugly, can easily lead to liquid overflow in the cup, causing a mess and spoiling the mood.

The common problem with drinks with cream tops is that they cannot be made into hot drinks. No matter Piye, Ruixing or other brands that have produced cream tops will face complaints that the objects do not match the pictures. Therefore, some netizens suggested that brands should avoid using hot drink photos with cream tops when publishing posters, so as to avoid the gap between buyers' shows and sellers' shows.

Picture from: Xiao Hong Shu

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