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The new tofu pudding product is called "Starbucks latte" by netizens.

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Last Updated: 2024/05/25, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop first mentioned the joint activities of Starbucks and "wreaking havoc in Heaven". Although there is a new menu, the two drinks online can be customized through customized services, and some netizens also complain that Starbucks' joint activities have "no perimeter".

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It has been mentioned that the joint event of Starbucks and "wreaking havoc in Heaven" has a lot of thunder and little rain, although there is a new menu, but the two drinks online can be customized through customized services, and some netizens also complain that Starbucks's joint activities are "no perimeter". It's an invalid co-signature.

Today, Starbucks, which was complained by netizens, finally made a fuss at the joint event, with the official announcement that it will launch the "Golden Hoop combination of Lao Sun" around the joint name, and the telescopic straw in the shape of the golden hoop stick that can send out the voice of the Great Sage is full of interest, attracting a group of "old kids" who like the IP, and the surrounding area is ready to go online before it is online.

In addition, Starbucks today launched a special star to send a new drink flow frozen latte. Officials say the new product is inspired by Jiang bang milk, and the liquid in the packaged cup will be condensed, layered and changed along the way on the way of beverage distribution. When the customer gets it, it will be a cup of flavored latte with just the right layering and flavor.

It is reported that the frozen latte is the second drink in the time and space series brought by the special star. it is a drink that "takes time to enjoy". It is similar to the situation after the previous teacup was launched, and netizens have mixed comments on the frozen latte that has just been launched.

First of all, what the public is most curious about is whether the frozen taste in the Starbucks promotion is real or mysterious. Curious netizens incarnate experimental mice and look forward to opening the packaging after issuing the order to see if the liquid in the packing cup is obviously layered as advertised.

From the pictures posted by netizens, the drink does appear obvious layering and freezing, and netizens who have tried it also say that it has a slightly frozen taste, "without jelly hardness, I feel more like double-skin milk", "flow jelly is not the taste of large pieces of jelly, but the feeling of crushed jelly", "the magical taste has a feeling of eating coffee pudding."

However, some netizens said that the drink was "out of order", saying that the frozen latte they got was neither layered nor frozen, and its taste was similar to that of an ordinary latte and not as "magical" as advertised. On this point, according to other netizens explained, it is possible that the high local temperature caused the mobile latte can not be frozen in the distribution process, so there is no so-called jelly taste.

On the other hand, some netizens who drank frozen mobile lattes said that they "reported drinking". In addition to routinely complaining about the sweetness of Starbucks drinks, more netizens' dissatisfaction focused on the "frozen taste".

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Although Starbucks' new creative drink looks novel and unique and tastes different from the previous flavor latte, some netizens have revealed that the formula of this frozen latte is similar to that of the previous mousse concentration. can be seen as a "mousse concentrated plum buckle meat version".

It can only be said that the coffee industry is really too hot, and the research and development speed of new products of chain brands can not catch up with the new speed of products, so we can only use the way of "changing clothes" to update the menu.

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