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How should the coffee shop without fine decoration be priced?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine Coffee Workshop Last year a price war between Lucky and Cudy became the focus of online discussion, so that many passers-by who did not know about coffee had heard of it, thus refreshing netizens' understanding of coffee: "you can buy a cup of coffee at 9.9."

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Last year, a price war between Lucky and Cudy became the focus of online discussion. Many passers-by who didn't know coffee before heard about it. As a result, it refreshed netizens' understanding of coffee: "you can buy a cup of coffee at 9.9" and "is the cost of coffee so cheap?" .

On the one hand, chain coffee brands popularize coffee, and the lower price also allows more consumers to understand and try coffee, but on the other hand, this commercial war has virtually had a certain impact on private coffee shops. many small coffee shops have been affected by the price war and are in a precarious situation.

In order to meet the new needs of consumers, some small coffee shops will readjust their pricing or adjust their costs in other ways, while others say that the investment in rent, water, electricity, equipment, and so on makes it difficult to achieve a 9.9 cup of coffee like Ruixing.

But is it true that 9.9 can't buy good coffee? Some time ago, when a blogger visited the store, he found a small 9.9 coffee shop. before entering the shop, the blogger was prepared to step on thunder, asked nervously and was warmly entertained by the shopkeeper.

According to the blogger, the price of the basic coffee drink in the store is not high, and you can buy a cup of hot latte with flowers for 9.9 yuan. Although the enthusiastic shopkeeper looks old, he is very skilled in making coffee, the concentrated quality of the extraction is good, the milk foam is also good, and the overall taste of the latte is good.

Compared with other small coffee shops, the biggest advantage of this coffee shop should be the price, but the disadvantage is also very obvious, there is no exquisite and beautiful store decoration, and there are not many seats for guests to rest.

Many netizens in the comment area said that this price is actually the normal price of coffee. Netizens with foreign life experience said that the price of coffee in Europe and the United States is generally 1-3 euros (equivalent to 823 yuan). It is believed that the price of small domestic coffee shops is generally on the high side.

However, there are also netizens who disagree. In addition to selling coffee, many small coffee shops in China are also selling store environment. Rent, water and electricity, and decoration are all input costs for shopkeepers, so they will raise the unit price of drinks in order to ensure the most basic daily capital preservation.

On the other hand, the coffee shop found by the blogger is very simple, and customers who come to the store to spend more should be packed and sent away, so the overall cost will be less than that of ordinary small coffee shops, so they can sell coffee at a price of 9.9, "the price of coffee is reasonable without selling the environment", and "9.9 can be done well without a small seat."

At the moment of the volume in the industry, small coffee shops want to retain their customers, in addition to having personal characteristics that chain coffee brands do not have, pricing also need to consider the price that consumers can accept now, so that they can have their own long-term customer group.

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