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The first shop of Blue bottle Coffee landed at the airport, netizen: give me back Starbucks!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop many coffee lovers know that Blue Bottle Coffee Blue bottle Coffee has always been more personalized on the way to expand and open its shop, and the location of the brand tends to stagger downtown areas, especially old buildings with stories. Every door.

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Many coffee lovers know that Blue Bottle Coffee Blue bottle Coffee has always been more personality on the way to expand and open a store, and the location of the brand tends to stagger downtown areas, especially the old buildings with stories. The decoration style of each store will also be aimed at different cities, integrating humanities and features, in order to build a distinctive brand space. But recently, Blue bottle has opened a "post station" in the airport.

On January 5, Blue bottle Coffee official account posted a picture and article saying that the brand once again joined hands with Ruen Design Lab to build the world's first official airport store from January 11. it officially opened near Gate D75 of Terminal 2 of Shanghai Pudong Airport.

Unlike other Blue bottle stores, this airport store does not have much space. There are no additional seats in the store, mainly in the form of coffee. The store also synchronously launched the online mobile order pick-up service, through which customers can place orders in advance on Blue bottle Coffee Mini Program.

An iconic small blue bottle Logo is painted on the huge and simple white curved building, with only one curved bar and two vending machines in the interior space to provide the previously listed blue bottle instant (espresso) coffee and classic coffee beans, which is the first time that blue bottle coffee has been used in a store in mainland China.

On the day of the departure of the new airport store, although there was no queue like the opening of other stores, the fame of blue bottles attracted the attention of many hurried pedestrians and stopped to buy a cup of coffee. But at this time, some sharp-eyed netizens found that this position seemed to be a Starbucks, which had thought it was just a redecoration, but unexpectedly it was directly "replaced" into a blue bottle.

In response, some netizens said that there is already very little food in the "empty" Pudong airport, so they prefer to choose more Starbucks with comfortable seats than blue bottle coffee, which has no seats and is very expensive. "I'd rather Starbucks stay", "give me back Starbucks" and "even though Starbucks coffee is too bad, you can at least buy a sandwich with bottled water and a salad."

In fact, as early as last October, it was found that the Starbucks store at gate 73 of Pudong Airport had been closed and replaced by a blue bottle of coffee, which was being renovated, which also attracted the attention of many netizens at that time. Scramble to guess the real reason for the closure. But in fact, Starbucks did not withdraw from Pudong Airport, but moved its stores from international to the satellite hall of the terminal.

Since it officially entered the mainland market in 2022, Blue bottle Coffee has opened five official stores in the mainland, all located in Shanghai, namely Yutong, Panlong Tiandi, Zhangjiayuan, Qiantan and Henglong Plaza. Now, with the opening of the airport's first official store, there are six stores in Shanghai alone, but other areas have been slow to open. Looking at the action of Blue bottle in the past two years, the brands have successively landed in Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou and so on in the mode of flash (limited store / coffee car). It seems that if you want to see formal Blue bottle stores in these cities, you still have to wait a long time.

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