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The coffee shop was "chased and cursed" by the Internet, the owner: speechless.

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently, an article entitled "about the fact that the coffee shop was exposed by the Internet …" The clarification notes have attracted the attention and discussion of many netizens on social media, with thousands of comments on the incident. On January 14, a netizen who claimed to be a college student

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Recently, there was an article entitled "about the coffee shop being exposed by the Internet." The clarification notes have attracted the attention and discussion of many netizens on social media, with thousands of comments on the incident.

On January 14, a netizen claiming to be a college student complained online about his "unpleasant encounter" in a cafe in Qingdao and was scolded as "skinless and shameless" after posting. (currently, all the original posts have been deleted)

In her post, she said that during her trip to Qingdao, she entered a scenic coffee shop and, with the permission of the clerk, came forward to masturbate the cat for a while, then sat down and waited for her friend. As he occupied the seat for about half an hour but did not spend any money, the clerk came forward to ask for his order. After looking at the menu, she felt that the drinks in her thirties and forties were "too expensive" and didn't like coffee very much, so she finally chose to leave with her friends.

Although it was a thing of the past, in retrospect, she felt that she had been "kicked out in disguise" and wrote this down. Then, she inquired about the sharing posts of other consumers who signed in at the cafe, and successively argued in the comment area that she had been "invited out" by the merchants because she was not spending at that time.

In this regard, many netizens think that the behavior of businessmen is reasonable, and people open the door to do business, and they cannot enjoy services without consumption. Scenic spot coffee shop, you can see the location of the scenic spot can also be regarded as a commodity, but this product is to buy coffee, not free. Besides, the prices of coffee in Qingdao are almost all in the 30s and 40s, and this is a seaside shop, so it is completely normal price. As far as the matter is concerned, the person who posted the post has not suffered a loss, and on the other hand, it has also been "cheap", so he should not go everywhere to "vilify" merchants.

Soon after, the netizen posted again, claiming that he only did not spend because he felt "unworthy", but was scolded as "shameless and shameless" and "penniless". Such a title, for a while, also let the merchants turn around to be pushed to the forefront of the wind and waves, and even carried the "scolding" pot.

When the merchants saw the post, when they complained about it, they didn't take it too seriously and didn't bother to explain it. But unexpectedly, this netizen unexpectedly brushed "bad reviews" under many posts from his own customers. In the face of the continuous smear remarks made by the posters, the merchants really did not want the store to attract more false descriptions, so they sent a post to clarify the true course of the incident.

First of all, they do not have "eviction", there is no minimum consumption and compulsory consumption in the store, and the poster is not required to spend in the store. The cursing words come from passers-by and netizens, and they are just an explanation.

According to the merchant's recollection, after entering the store that day, the guest began to play with the cat. As there were not many people in the store and were not busy at that time, the other party found an empty seat and did not say much. But after the netizen brought a friend, he still sat. The clerk asked whether to order twice, but the other side did not answer it. Only when he signaled for the third time did he say that he wanted to leave. Originally did not care about this matter, but soon brush the post, eat melons have eaten on their own body.

After the incident further fermented, the poster also took the initiative to apologize under the store's comment area, disagreeing with the merchant because of his different views and paying for half an hour of resource occupation that day. According to an interview by an interface news reporter, the merchant said that he had indeed received a private message from the poster, but he did not intend to reply: "I certainly will not charge her money, she really did not spend money in the first place." I was mainly angry with her false description under many posts. "

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