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Manner recruits a large number of "Packers" to arouse dissatisfaction among veteran employees.

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop with more than 1,000 stores across the country, I believe many coffee lovers have noticed that their city now has a Manner coffee window, thinking that they can finally bring a cup to fetch wool. On the other hand, there are more stores and more people.

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As the number of stores across the country has exceeded 1,000, I believe many coffee lovers have noticed that their city now has a Manner coffee window, thinking that they can finally bring a cup to fetch wool.

On the other hand, with more stores, the demand for employment is bound to increase, and the shortage of manpower is even more obvious. M's high recruitment requirements for baristas have long been well known in the industry. it is normal for a barista to be used by several people. recently, it has attracted a lot of bad reviews because of the inefficiency of cup production caused by lack of personnel. Therefore, in order to urgently solve the shortage of baristas, Manner had to send "temporary workers" first.

Recently, many netizens who call themselves Manner "Packers" have appeared on the social platform, with one note after another recording their part-time career and answering questions from passers-by in the comment area.

It is understood that there are few mandatory requirements for this kind of temporary workers recruited by Manner. They are not allowed to cook meals during their employment. They only need to complete the tasks of packing, replenishing materials, and doing hygiene. Other tasks are done by regular baristas. When it comes to employee welfare, it should be that you can have a free cup of coffee at work.

In terms of treatment, this kind of part-time jobs are paid on a daily basis, with hourly wages ranging from 22 to 28 yuan, with a daily salary of 2 to 5 hours, depending on the stores in each city. After being admitted by Manner, they will generally be given priority to be assigned to understaffed stores, and their shifts will be led by one-on-one senior staff after arriving at the morning peak (8: 00: 11: 00) or the noon peak (12: 00: 15: 00) where the unit volume is more concentrated.

As more and more such "Packers" flash on the Manner bar, baristas who have always been emotionally stable have recently begun to be a little more "angry". Because at the peak of the order, they are already very busy, but now they have to spend extra time to lead the newcomers. How suffering they are.

Just yesterday, an Manner employee wrote that recently, in order to improve the manpower of its stores, the company has hired a lot of part-time jobs specializing in packaging and hygiene. Since almost all of these part-time jobs have no bar-related work experience, baristas with people must explain and guide them in every detail.

I thought that I would be cooked twice at a time, and they were all simple skills such as packing, food delivery, cleaning up and taking out trash. Even rookies can almost get started in the later stage of teaching once or twice. Unfortunately, the personnel management of Manner does not intend to cooperate, and the part-time jobs sent are not the same every day, and even the store staff are not notified of the temporary cancellation. In other words, for regular workers, newcomers are random, and every time a part-time job is sent, it has to be taught again.

In this regard, the workers directly "call" Manner, and the morning contestants don't even have enough time to open the bar to adjust and grind. Every temporary worker has to slowly teach packing, disinfect water, and material arrangement, and he has to accept part-time "asking questions" during the busiest period, which is really a waste of time. Therefore, they suggest that companies directly put packaged videos + disinfectant videos to watch part-time in advance, otherwise if it goes on like this, everyone's blood pressure will "rise".

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