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See that traditional Chinese medicine is banned from coffee by the doctor, and then drink it again.

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop now for eight people in the morning, a cup of coffee a day seems to have become a must in life, and some friends may even have another cup because a cup of coffee is not awake enough. Workers who do not get enough sleep really can not live without coffee. But drink coffee.

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Nowadays, for eight people in the morning, a cup of coffee a day seems to have become a must in life, and some friends may have another cup of coffee because they are not awake enough. Workers who do not get enough sleep really can not do without coffee.

However, drinking too much coffee may also cause a certain burden on the body. Some time ago, a netizen posted that he had a health problem and was banned by the doctor after going to see traditional Chinese medicine, and was told that "if you drink again, you should die." After helping to quit coffee for three months, my health gradually improved, and three months later I secretly tried the first cup of coffee after the coffee ban.

Originally, it was just a post to share my luck on that day, but I didn't expect to arouse discussion among netizens. In the comment area, many netizens carefully analyzed the circumstances under which they could not drink coffee, and even gave examples to try to tell other netizens what would happen if they drank too much coffee.

"anemia does not taste good, affecting iron absorption", "people with autonomic nerve disorders have been advised to drink coffee for more than three years", "I have experienced drinking too much coffee and almost quacked all seven cups of coffee tested", "I drink too much coffee and pancreatic cancer", "I don't know if I drink too much coffee. Calcium damage is real", "gastrointestinal dysfunction is banned".

Really do not discuss do not know, a discussion only to know that drinking coffee has so much harm ah, the netizens who are drinking coffee are scared to put down their take-away coffee.

However, coffee stars who have been inseparable from caffeine do not think so, saying one after another, "A morning without coffee is incomplete", "Kill me if I can't drink coffee", "I have a cup of black coffee and a pot of green tea every day. I haven't seen any problem for 15 years", "play a living in the present", "drink and smoke 100 years old, drink some coffee directly?" .

Some netizens even questioned that the traditional Chinese medicine doctor met by the blogger was a quack. "people can live without coffee? it is suggested to change the doctor", "according to this quack, tea can not be drunk, it is quite funny", "what do you like to drink, do not believe the so-called experts in traditional Chinese medicine".

Whether the traditional Chinese medicine doctor who imposed the coffee ban on the blogger is really unskilled and unable to detect a thing or two from the blogger's account, but things go to extremes, and excessive caffeine intake does put a burden on the body. For some caffeine intolerant people, excessive caffeine intake may cause bad physical conditions such as palpitation and rapid heart rate.

But coffee is not all bad. Some scientific studies have shown that proper intake of caffeine is good for some people. Some netizens said that "there are coffee machines in the lobby of traditional Chinese medicine hospitals in Beijing." if coffee really has its disadvantages, how can Starbucks and Ruixing occupy a bar in many hospitals?

Everything has two sides, and so is coffee. As long as you grasp the amount of caffeine consumed, drink coffee happily and be a happy worker, "I wish I could get drunk today!"

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