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Coffee cool techs! Electronic nose for accurate identification of flavor

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop some time ago influenza virus prevailed, many people were hit by coughing, stuffy nose, serious may not taste salty. Ordinary people may feel sick for a few days, take some medicine and have a good rest, and wait for their senses to recover slowly, but for migrant workers.

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Some time ago, influenza virus was prevalent, and many people were tricked by coughing and stuffy nose, which may not taste salty. Ordinary people may suffer for a few days, take some medicine and have a good rest, and wait for their senses to recover slowly, but for baristas who work, once their senses deviate, they may not be able to drink the concentrated products produced that day. If you send a bad drink to the guest, you may get a bad comment. So baristas can only be careful to avoid getting sick, but the virus is unpreventable, and there are always times when it gets hit and turns over, so what to do when there are sensory problems? an electronic nose developed by researchers in Taiwan should be able to help baristas solve their problems.

Li Zhonghong, a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, and his team applied artificial intelligence learning algorithms to the new electronic nose, Daily Coffee News reported.

Some netizens may think that the "electronic nose" is a scientific instrument, but in fact it is not. The electronic nose (E-nose) is an electronic system that uses the response pattern of the gas-to-sensor array to identify odors, which can be used in food detection. For example, Siemens eNose refrigerators use this system to continuously monitor the food in the refrigerator to see if there is a bad smell.

Therefore, the new electronic nose developed by Professor Li Zhonghong and his team also plays a function of odor discrimination. The sensor can detect the level of gas emitted from coffee made from coffee beans of different varieties and producing areas, and then send the test results to the artificial intelligence algorithm for processing, so as to identify the difference between coffee. According to the research team, the accuracy of coffee recognition is between 81% and 98%, depending on the type of coffee.

The research team is making the new electronic nose distinguish more coffee from different origins, varieties and processing methods, in order to develop a coffee aroma database to improve the recognition ability of artificial intelligence algorithms, the report said.

Professor Li Zhonghong believes that in addition to his personal enjoyment of coffee, the more important role of the electronic nose is to preserve and understand the aroma of coffee under changing circumstances, which can ensure the consistency of coffee quality and flavor in different years.

The research team says they are currently looking for partners to continue the development of the electronic nose, which could eventually be used for quality control or validate applications in the coffee value chain.

In recent years, electronic noses and electronic tongues have been used as appliances in the coffee, beverage and food industries. Recent studies have also used electronic noses and electronic tongues to assess differences in Robusta coffee, differences in roasted coffee and the effects of production methods on the sensory characteristics of cold extracted coffee.

In addition, Professor Li Zhonghong said they are also developing electronic tongues to taste coffee, surveillance cameras to evaluate the maturity of coffee cherries and a tactile system to assess the moisture content of green coffee.

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