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Customer feedback to buy expired nuts! Lucky: fired from the whole store

Published: 2024-05-25 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/05/25, ▲ click to follow | Daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee shop tea lovers are used to serving some refreshments, while coffee lovers are paired with small snacks such as desserts, biscuits or nuts, because consumers have this habit, chain coffee brands will also sell some dessert snacks when selling coffee

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Most tea drinkers are used to serving refreshments, while coffee lovers are paired with snacks such as cookies or nuts, because consumers have this habit, and chain coffee brands also sell coffee with dessert snacks to serve customers in need.

Recently, a customer bought a bag of daily nuts when he went to Ruixing's offline store to buy coffee. after eating a few nuts, he felt that the nut tasted wrong. after looking at the expiration date, he found that the bag of nuts had expired. He immediately contacted Lucky customer service to report on his situation, and also posted the matter on the social platform to remind other netizens who have bought Lucky nuts to pay attention to the expiration date of the nuts.

In the view of netizens, merchants selling expired food has already touched the red line of food safety, believing that Ruixing, as a regular catering enterprise, must put food safety first and be responsible to consumers, and temporary food should be inspected and removed from the shelves in time, not sold to consumers.

Ruixing attached great importance to this matter, and shortly after customers approached Ruixing for customer service feedback, they announced whether the nut products sold in stores across the country were out of date, and according to internal employees, all employees in the stores involved were currently fired.

The swiftness and decisiveness of Ruixin's handling really surprised many netizens. Netizens were satisfied with Ruixin's timely handling. "Lucky is so fast? you can drink more in the future." "Lucky is so strict that he drinks more at ease."Lucky's store management system and hygiene management have always been the strictest in stores," and "Rui's speed and attitude are very reassuring."

However, when some netizens learned that Ruixing's handling was too strict with the employees involved, they thought that the customer who uploaded the matter to the social platform did something wrong and should be able to find offline stores to reflect and solve it in private. Can't deal with it in this way again.

"A few people who lost their jobs at once", "the workers who randomly buried the whole store", "in fact, it is sad to think that all the people in a store have been opened because of a little problem."the problem of one store will lead to an increase in rectification and reform tasks in stores all over the country. in the end, it was hard for us workers,". It's so grandiose, it's really pompous, it's really fired. "

However, most netizens think that Ruixing's punishment to its employees is not exaggerated at all. Lucky employees take inventory of goods in their daily tasks, and pay attention to the validity period of selling goods is also within the scope of their responsibilities, so whether it is the store manager or ordinary employees, selling expired food to consumers is the most basic mistake, and it is right to bear the corresponding consequences.

When customers complain about food safety issues, Lucky responds quickly and punishes heavily, which is a warning to other stores, reminding all Lucky employees that they should pay attention to the expiration date of the goods. at the same time, it can also make consumers who love Lucky feel at ease and help to maintain the brand image.

With regard to the follow-up of the matter, according to the customer, Ruixing has paid 1000 yuan in compensation in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law, and hopes that customers can delete the relevant articles to reduce the impact on the brand, but the customer rejected Ruixing's request. I think I'm just stating the facts.

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