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There are straws around Starbucks, netizens: what's the use without a head?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/25, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop now that coffee and tea brands have frequently launched joint products in the past year, Starbucks China can no longer resist, and announced on January 16 that it will co-sign with Guoman IP to "wreak havoc in Heaven" to launch a new delivery channel that will "change".

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Now that coffee and tea brands have launched joint products frequently over the past year, Starbucks China can no longer resist, announcing on January 16 that it will co-sign with Guoman IP to launch a new delivery channel, frozen latte.

In addition to the new drinks, according to official sources, the joint event will launch a "havoc in the Heavenly Palace" based on Sun WuKong's golden hoop stick, which is a reusable straw, which will be launched on January 19. at that time, consumers can choose to buy "Golden Hoop Tube" or "Lao Sun's chaos Heavenly Palace Golden Hoop Tube combination" on the ordering platform.

After the news of the joint event was released, it soon aroused market attention and heated discussion on the Internet, especially attracted the attention of Starbucks fans and IP fans who wreaked havoc in Tiangong, expressing their expectations for the surrounding area of the joint event.

Recently, however, many netizens on the social network posted that as soon as the event was launched, they snapped it up on the ordering platform, thinking happily that they could buy a full set of "wreaking havoc in Heaven", but only to find that they could only buy straws. I can't buy the most important lovely monkey head.

Many netizens in the comment area said that even Starbucks stores in Beijing, Liaoning, Guangdong, Shanghai and other regions have only a small amount of surrounding materials, making many consumers feel that even if they arrive, "one or two sets of goods in one store". Some netizens even joked: "without a head, what is the use of this iron bar?"

On the other hand, Starbucks marketed this joint event early, and news about the materials can be seen on all major social platforms, but first put on a new drink, and then go to the new perimeter after a few days to satisfy netizens' appetite, and then play hunger marketing to perfection. When netizens in most urban areas want to buy, they have not been able to buy the shape of the giant monkey head, "nothing for nothing", "if you can do it, you can do it or not!" .

Even today, netizens in some areas report that the local Starbucks is still not on the shelves around the giant hericium, and this lack of surrounding materials leads to an unpleasant shopping experience for consumers. Many consumers went out of their way to buy the joint product because they liked the "havoc" IP and looked forward to the joint product, but they were disappointed with Starbucks.

At the same time, some careful netizens found that Starbucks Chinese officials explained in advance the arrival time of the joint event: "except for the first city, there are only other cities on 21th 25th."

In addition, although Starbucks' joint event has brought trouble and dissatisfaction to consumers due to premature publicity and insufficient preparation of surrounding materials, the joint event still aroused some attention and expectations. many netizens expressed the hope that Starbucks can plan and prepare such activities more carefully in the future, avoid similar problems and better meet consumers' expectations and needs.

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