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More than half of it fell! The coffee shop is gone!

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The tourism industry is very hot this year, and many friends have already prepared travel supplies, and they can take a quick trip as soon as the holiday arrives. Some friends may go through the travel strategies of a certain place on various social platforms before leaving, plan the itinerary in advance, sort out the situations that may be encountered during the journey and work out the corresponding plan.

For these friends who like delicious food, they are bound to look at "food" in clothing, food, accommodation and transportation. As soon as they open their favorites, they are about to check the address of the coffee shop they want to open. Suddenly, the shop shows that it is closed and goes down. Nearly half of the coffee shops he collected three years ago showed that they were "closed", and some of these closed coffee shops had thousands of comments, which were the good intentions of many local coffee lovers. But also closed the shop quietly.

The closure of coffee shops in favorites does not exist only in a certain city, especially in cities with concentrated coffee shops such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen. many netizens said they had collected more than a dozen independent cafes some time ago, and now about half of them can't go.

The rapid expansion of chain coffee brands, the fact that MANNER has broken ten thousand stores, Ruixingkudi's stores are all over the world, and the market size of China's coffee industry in 2023 announced by Frost&Sullivan data will reach 180.6 billion yuan, all of which will make the public think that the prospect of the current coffee market is boundless.

However, in fact, most independent coffee shops are already in a precarious situation, and in the off-season, many independent coffee shop owners laugh at themselves that they are not doing business when they open their doors day by day, but in the countdown to closure. Everyone wants to take a bite of this big cake in the coffee market, but most of the people who can break through the tight siege are not independent coffee shop owners who want to start a new business.

Some netizens think that they feel that many independent cafes "follow the trend and then fall with the wind". These shop owners do not understand the market and only see other people's coffee shops making money. In the end, they have to close their shops and stop their losses. Some netizens also said that the coffee shops they like and collect are managed by the manager's heart, but perhaps because there is no marketing into an online red store, the lack of flow of people will not endure, moving towards the end of "closing the shop".

There is no denying that the price war of chain coffee brands has made coffee consumers realize that they can buy a cup of coffee to meet their needs at a cheaper price, and price competition has virtually squeezed the profit margins of independent coffee shops. let many coffee shop owners feel that they can not operate is "playing with my capital".

However, in addition to the rapid expansion of chain coffee brands and the impact of low-cost coffee, some independent coffee shops can only end up hastily. The reason may also be that the business strategy adopted by the shopkeeper is not suitable, the shop has no differentiation and so on.

The operation of a coffee shop is a knowledge, which not only needs to do a good job in market research and understanding of the industry on the eve of opening, but also needs to do a good job in the budget of pre-investment, the cost of operation in the later stage, and so on. All aspects are involved in order to better withstand the pressure from all aspects of the business process after opening, but also to go further on the coffee track.

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