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Why coffee doesn't taste so good when it's cold? How long does it usually take to finish? What's the difference between hot and cold?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, When a cup of hot coffee cools down, the sour/bitter taste will be amplified, and the whole cup of coffee will easily become difficult to drink (not so good), so it is generally felt that a cup of coffee cannot last long. A lot of friends will be curious, can not put for a long time, that cup of coffee is best when to drink it? Want to know coffee?

When a hot cup of coffee is cooled, the sour / bitter taste will be magnified, and the whole cup of coffee will easily become difficult to taste (not so delicious), so it is generally believed that a cup of coffee can not be kept for a long time. Many friends will be curious, can not stay long, which cup of coffee is the best time to finish?

If we want to know how long it will take to finish the coffee, we need to know why the coffee has become untasty. The main reason is nothing more than the two we often talk about: the loss of flavor substances and the sensory influence of the human body.

Why does coffee taste bad when it cools down? The aroma of coffee actually belongs to a process of loss of volatile substances. Although the substance of coffee will not increase at the end of brewing, it will decrease.

The volatile compounds in coffee, like the carbon dioxide in coffee beans, continue to be lost over time. By the time the temperature cools down, a lot of volatile substances have been lost, even if there is no irritating acid / bitter effect, the coffee cooled down from the same period of time will not taste as good as hot coffee because of the lack of volatile substances. The second is the influence of the senses, which is often mentioned in Qianjie, our perception of taste will change because of its temperature. When the coffee is hot, it has a high sense of sweetness, which can effectively inhibit the perception of acid / bitterness and achieve a balance, so when the coffee is hot, we will not have too irritating negative feelings. However, when it cools down, the perception of sweetness decreases, resulting in a certain increase in the perceived intensity of sour / bitter, which makes the cold coffee more sour or more bitter.

To take a very simple example, we can prepare a cup of hot water, add a little sugar to it, and then taste the cup of sugar water at different temperatures. As a result, you will find that the closer you get to the body temperature, the sweeter the glass of water will be!

So the same is true for coffee. If you want to feel the sweetest and most flavored coffee in its heyday, it's best to finish it before it belongs to room temperature. But this temperature drop will change according to the surrounding environment and climate, and there is no fixed time point, so it is more appropriate to say: "drink early."

Including the ice hand flush is actually the same! Usually, a cup of ice will contain several pieces of unmelted ice, regardless of the size and thickness of the ice, the iced coffee will be diluted after the ice melts, reducing the concentration and affecting the flavor (accompanied by volatilization of volatile substances). So, hot or cold, we'd better finish the coffee before it goes sour, which is the best answer!

Is there any way to save the cooled coffee? Qianjie did a heating experiment on the cooled coffee last month, in order to test whether the cold coffee can restore the taste as good as it was when it was hot, and as we thought, although it can restore our sense of sweetness and reduce the impact of acid and bitterness, it is unable to retrieve the aroma substances that have passed, there is still a certain gap in taste! No matter how much you adjust it, the lost flavor will never come back. So, drink it as soon as possible.


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