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Every time you drink a latte, a god of wealth is eaten.

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Laba has passed, and the Spring Festival in 2024 is approaching. I wonder if my friends are busy buying New year's goods to prepare for the Spring Festival. At a time when money is needed, some friends find that their wallets are not rising and shrinking for a busy year.

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Laba has passed, and the Spring Festival in 2024 is getting closer and closer. I don't know if my friends are busy buying New year goods to prepare for the Spring Festival. At a time when money is needed, some friends find that their wallets are not rising and shrinking for a busy year, and they can't help worrying about when they won't have to run for a living.

As a result, contemporary young people who once ridiculed their elders for feudal superstition also began to pray to God, pinning their good wishes for the future on the power of metaphysics, and the busiest of all gods may be the God of Wealth. After all, young people are "thirsty for money". All hope to be blessed by God to get rich overnight and go to the peak of life.

It is hard to say whether the person who made a wish got rich overnight, but some people have caught the business opportunity and made a small profit.

Some time ago, a coffee shop in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, launched a latte for the God of Wealth, which combines the coffee drink loved by young people with the New year painting of the God of Wealth. It has successfully attracted the attention of a wave of young people who are curious. "I will do this cup of wealth first" and "drink a cup of fortune to pick up good luck".

Coffee shops in other areas are not willing to be left behind. For a time, on social platforms, we can see netizens from various regions sign in to show the local lattes of the god of wealth. I have to say that the merchants have grasped the consumer psychology of young people and made the coffee localized.

For this colorful God of Wealth latte, some netizens feel that "it looks a little afraid to drink", "it doesn't feel too good, it won't be poisoned?" "will you go to the bathroom after drinking this coffee?" No one has thought about the hygiene of that piece of paper.

It is reported that the New year picture of the God of Wealth on the latte is printed on glutinous rice paper. Coffee shop owners and netizens who have tried it say it is edible and will not have diarrhea worried by netizens after eating it.

In addition to concerns about food safety, netizens also think that this drink is disrespectful to the God of Wealth. "how can you get rich if you eat the God of Wealth?" "there should be some awe", "No offense to respect the God of Wealth", "the God of Wealth is for you to keep it in your heart, not to drink it into your stomach".

Many netizens think of Xicha. Last year, Xicha and Jingdezhen China Ceramics Museum jointly launched a "Foxi Tea" drink, which was sought after by netizens after it was launched. However, because the disposable drink cup was printed with Bodhisattva, Luohan and other religious elements, it was interviewed by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of nationalities and Religion. Finally, "Foxi Tea" was completely removed from the shelves and hastily ended the joint activity.

It is understandable that businesses use the consumer psychology of young people to launch lattes that cater to the festive atmosphere, but making New year pictures of the God of Wealth into food for sale is "not very auspicious" in the eyes of netizens. "Don't blaspheme it just because it's fun." Some netizens also questioned whether the God of Wealth latte launched by the merchants was suspected of violating the relevant regulations like "Foxi Tea" before Xi Tea.

In fact, in addition to the God of Wealth New year painting glutinous rice paper as the decoration of the God of Wealth latte, there is also coffee carved version of the God of Wealth latte. Although the production process of this latte is relatively complicated, the lovely pattern of the God of Wealth can not only reflect the barista's carving skills and aesthetics, but also meet the consumer needs of young people.

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