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What's the difference between hanging-ear coffee and instant coffee? How is the hanging-ear coffee made? What is the temperature of its water and the way it is cooked?

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Last Updated: 2024/05/25, The popularity of hanging-ear coffee is far beyond our imagination, because of its convenience, it can be taken to any place to make coffee! However, it is only popular to hang up ears, and some people still have some deviations in the way it is used. This is not to say that hanging-ear coffee can only be used traditionally.

The popularity of ear-hanging coffee is far beyond our imagination. Because of its convenience, it can be taken anywhere to make coffee and enjoy it! However, the popularity is only hanging ears, and some people still have some deviations in the way they use it.

Not that ear-hanging coffee can only be made using traditional brewing methods, but some brewing methods will affect our drinking experience! So, let's start today by re-understanding what ear-hanging coffee is!

What is Ears Coffee? Ear coffee is a kind of convenient coffee bag brewed by the Japanese, because the left and right sides of the coffee bag have small ear-like pieces of paper hanging on the cup, so it is affectionately called: ear coffee bag, and the coffee brewed with it is "ear coffee"!

The design concept of the ear-hanging coffee bag is derived from the lanyard tea bag (that is, the tea bag with a hanging rope), but if the coffee is designed directly according to the tea bag, then its playability will have no other purpose than soaking (and the taste of the coffee will be ordinary)!

So the inventor began to think hard, trying to simulate the filter cup used in hand flushing, and finally got what he wanted, and he made it! The use of non-woven fabric as a coffee bag material can be a good isolation coffee powder, non-woven fabric on one side will have a paper ear can be hooked on the cup, yes, the initial ear is a unilateral "ear", so that you can hang on the cup for drip filter brewing! However, since in the brewing process, the "one-ear" coffee bag cannot be continuously injected by the hot water weight of the origin source, so after several optimizations, the "two-ear" ear-hanging coffee bag we use now is born! So, let's take a look at what production methods affect the drinking experience of ear-hanging coffee!

First, as a tea bag directly soaked many friends will hang ear coffee bags mistaken for tea bags, do not open, directly soaked! What consequences would this have?

That's right, the final coffee taste is light, and with a little wood, paper taste! The reason is that although the material of the ear-hanging bag is the same as that of the tea bag, its thin thickness is different. When it is not opened, we can only inject water from the periphery of the ear-hanging bag, which leads to hot water taking a long time to infiltrate the coffee powder in the middle! If you end steeping early, it will be easy to get a cup of tasteless coffee (coffee-flavored water would be more appropriate)! However, even if the soaking time is prolonged, it is difficult for the hot water that gradually loses temperature to make the coffee powder located in the center get enough extraction without stirring movement.

(Soak time in 6 minutes, the center of the coffee powder still has not been wet part) or, in the center of the coffee powder before the complete extraction, located on the outside of the coffee powder and ear bag material taste will be fully released in advance, we all know that the soluble substances in the coffee part is best not to extract, because it may have a bitter taste, miscellaneous taste and other negative taste, coupled with the ear hanging paper taste, although not difficult to drink, but also very difficult to drink.

Second, the ear as instant brewing Many friends often will hang ear as instant brewing, but in fact, ear coffee and instant coffee is completely different! Instant coffee is made into powder by drying technology, so we can melt its particles after adding hot water, which is to restore it to coffee liquid.

But ear hanging is different, ear hanging coffee particles are directly ground from coffee beans, it has 70% insoluble matter, that is, wood fiber. When we brew it as instant, let alone the taste, it is difficult to have a good drinking experience with just a mouthful of coffee.

3. Inject too much hot water in one breath! There happened to be a vivid old picture on the front street!

Most of my friends use a household kettle when brewing ear-hanging coffee. If you don't pay attention, you will easily inject too much water, causing coffee powder to overflow. The ending is the same as above. It is easy to have a bad experience of a mouthful of coffee.

Fourth, the cup is too short/too small before the street wrote quite a lot of articles about the ear-hanging cup, when brewing ears when using a shorter cup, coffee will be brewed at the same time in the process of brewing, so it is easy to extract the bitter taste.

So, how should the ear coffee be brewed correctly? The simplest and most conventional way to brew ear-hanging coffee can be moved to "How easy is ear-hanging coffee to brew?" This article has a detailed understanding, and the front street shares it here: roughly, it is to choose a higher container to reduce the process of soaking and extracting; inject hot water a small amount of times to prevent hot water from spilling with coffee grounds; choose the right brewing water temperature and ratio.

But in fact, whether it is drip brewing or immersion extraction, the production of ear-hanging coffee is definitely not limited to a certain extraction method! It's just that while we're making it, it's best to avoid behaviors that create negative experiences, because only then can we reduce the bad feelings we have when we consume coffee!

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