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Look on your face! The whole network takes turns to challenge the coffee machine "pressing noodles"!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop when coffee has gradually become a part of life, many coffee lovers will buy their own coffee machines and "pour" coffee at home. From the beginning of extraction and concentration, step by step to make lattes, pull flowers, can make a variety of flavor lattes, dirty

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As coffee gradually becomes a part of life, many coffee lovers will buy their own coffee machines and drink coffee at home. Starting from the entry-level extract concentrate, step by step, you can make lattes, pull flowers, make all kinds of flavored lattes, dirty, etc., and copy all the delicious coffee you have ever drunk.

Recently, some netizens want to make a cup of butter latte sold in many coffee shops at home, but found that in the current weather, butter softens to room temperature slower, want to drink a cup of hot butter latte, still have to spend more time waiting.

In order to shorten the waiting time, the netizen had an idea that he could put the block butter into the powder bowl, and then fill the coffee powder cake and cook it according to the routine operation of extraction and concentration. It solves butter softening and fusion with Italian concentrate in one go, saving time and effort to make a warm but not greasy butter latte.

Observing the whole operation process, this butter latte can be said to be completely easy, and the finished product looks good to drink. Therefore, many netizens are eager to try, according to the blogger's sharing method will be the butter in the refrigerator cut into pieces, placed under the coffee powder together into the powder bowl filled tightly, then full of expectation to buckle the handle, open the mobile phone camera, quietly stand aside waiting for their own butter latte...

Then, the plot trend seems to have become different from what was expected?!

Perhaps because of the bottomless handle, the butter did not melt into liquid in time and flowed into the cup. Under the pressure of the coffee machine, it was squeezed to the bottom of the bowl. Then, it passed through the fine holes of the bottomless powder bowl and turned into a ball of pale yellow thread, like entangled hairballs. Finally, it fell into the milk in the cup. Wait, it's not over yet. When the "noodles" are squeezed, the coffee powder cake also forms a channel effect due to the temporary gap, and the coffee liquid begins to splash sharply.

It turned out that trying to follow suit not only resulted in a butter latte that wasn't too "buttery," but also a messy countertop that was especially "complimentary."

After watching the whole re-engraving process, the comments area was full of laughter regardless of the blogger's life or death, and one after another nominated: "Noodle Press Machine." Beef noodles on the coffee machine, or capillary. "," noodle coffee,"" handle: report a trace, I threw up."

Of course, there are also a lot of curiosity caused by netizens said "do not believe evil," have to personally try to see if it is really will roll over. In this way, there have been waves of "victims" on social platforms, although they do not give way to each other, but all of them are laughed and cried by their own creative coffee.

"I advise you not to make butter lattes like this, it's too vicious!! Have you ever seen a coffee machine that pulls noodles? "," other people's butter latte is like ramen... mine is like s..."," I didn't believe it at that time... and then I laughed silly "," a good butter waterfall latte "," shredded butter caramel latte "... messy style has everything, no one can bear to look at it!

As our friends who have tried it all tell us, making butter lattes this way does not get a single butter concentrate, but rather a freshly pressed "butter spaghetti" and a splattered espresso. As for the taste of this cup of butter latte, some people think it tastes "sweet and not greasy," while some netizens bluntly say "not good to drink," only those who have tried know.

Finally, a warm tip from the experienced: Don't get too close to extract, you might be buttery.

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