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Forced to become a go hall! Starbucks made two requests..

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently, a report entitled "A Starbucks has become a stronghold of go fans" has attracted attention on the Internet. Earlier, some netizens posted a video on bilibili saying that a Starbucks in Shanghai had become a paradise for go lovers, surrounded by chess friends inside and outside the store.

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Recently, a report entitled "A Starbucks has become a'go fan 'stronghold" has attracted attention on the Internet.

Earlier, some netizens posted a video on bilibili saying that a Starbucks in Shanghai had become a paradise for go enthusiasts. Both inside and outside the store were packed with chess friends, and those who didn't know it thought it was a charter. Shortly after the release of the video, it sparked a heated discussion among many passers-by netizens, saying that "the atmosphere is great." At present, the video has been played more than one million times.

It is understood that every Monday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, someone will specially organize go activities at this Starbucks. One of the chess players said that the go activity is spontaneous, and the chess equipment is brought by the chess players themselves and will be taken away when it is over.

On the afternoon of January 25, according to, most of the seats on the second floor of the Starbucks were already occupied by chess players, and there were about 30 people visually, which was quiet as a whole.

A chess friend said in an interview that this is a spontaneous place to play chess. They have a group of nearly 400 players online, and there are no introduction fees, entry fees and other fees. They are all go enthusiasts. He said that there are 17 games of chess in his family and will decide how many chess sets to take out according to the agreed number of people. At most, he brought 15 games of chess to this Starbucks. Sometimes if I take less, I will go home to get it. Every time a new chess fan comes, he will also help each other to find a suitable "chess match".

Referring to the choice of chess "stronghold", the organizer said they used to play chess on a small scale in a bakery near Starbucks. As the bread and cake are mainly takeout, there are not many people eating in the restaurant, so there will be a lot of vacant seats. Later, when the bakery closed, the "stronghold" was changed to Starbucks. Since then, everyone also proposed to set up a WeChat group to facilitate contact during chess.

As more and more chess players came to the store, the responsible clerk of the Starbucks made two requests to him: one is to remind the chess players to keep quiet as much as possible, because it will affect other consumers present; second, I hope everyone can order as much as possible. The organizer also relayed these requests to everyone in the WeChat group, and always reminded the loud chess players at the scene to keep their voices down.

In his opinion, the environment here is good, but after all, in order to make a profit, it is difficult to do business, and we should pay the bill. As for the question of whether chess players paid the bill in the end, the sponsor said that he had actually observed that after a game of chess, he found that more than half of the people had paid the bill, but more than a dozen people had not ordered anything. he orders a cup of tea worth 25 yuan every time. Through the videos and pictures sent out by netizens, we can see that individual go players do have the situation of "only playing chess without ordering".

Seeing that Starbucks has directly transformed into a go hall, it is still such a big battle, many netizens repeatedly lamented that they like such a cultural atmosphere, and also suggested to Starbucks: you might as well take this opportunity to hold a go game. Then again, if you want to find a temporary meeting place in a big city like Shanghai, the coffee shop is a good choice, but if everyone can keep quiet and spend properly, whether for chess players or coffee shops, it's supposed to be a win-win situation.

As one netizen said: ordering a cup of coffee is an obligation, and a time limit is self-conscious. Only by mastering the sense of boundary can we live in harmony.

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