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Netizen: is the threshold of the coffee shop so low?!

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Last Updated: 2024/05/25, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Coffee is becoming more and more popular among young people. Customers who come in for coffee have changed from a simple and casual "have a cup of American style" to seriously asking "what kind of beans is this?" In addition to the demand for caffeine, consumers are also gradually mastering some coffee

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Coffee is becoming more and more popular among young people, and customers who come in for coffee have changed from a simple and casual "have an American style" to seriously asking, "what kind of beans are these?" In addition to the demand for caffeine, consumers are also gradually mastering some basic knowledge of coffee. When some coffee lovers visit the store, they will discuss with the manager, not only gain delicious coffee and new knowledge, but also be impressed by the personal charm of the manager in the conversation.

Therefore, today's baristas should not only master the skills of making coffee drinks, but also have a certain reserve of coffee knowledge in order to deal with curious customers and better reflect the basic qualities of a barista.

But recently, a customer went to a new coffee shop, looked at the hand menu and casually asked, "this Ethiopian model is supposed to be traditional, isn't it?" He did not expect that the barista who was asked would look confused, but under the repeated questioning of this customer, the barista gave the answer: it is hand-ground and flushed. This is a single bean. You got me upside down.

In this customer's opinion, how can a barista in a boutique coffee shop selling a cup of 40 + not even learn the basics? Is it possible that coffee shops now open just to look good and easy to shoot, without the basic bottom line for coffee shops to make good products and services?

As for the customer's experience, some netizens felt that the customer was "making things difficult" for the barista. "the tradition you said is very abstract," and "is it a crime not to understand this coffee shop?" "I remember this store was a design studio. They never said they were professional baristas."Why do you have to embarrass other people's clerks?" .

The owner of the store also left a message to explain that the store is all designers without baristas, and there is staff training during the trial operation, but the job of the shop assistant is mainly design, and coffee is just a hobby to share. therefore, the operation of the shop assistant is not as professional as the barista.

In response to the boss's reply, the customer and most netizens said they could not accept it. To think that the shop sign uses the word "cafe" is to tell consumers that this is a coffee shop, not a design studio, but now that the clerk who makes coffee in the store is not a barista but a designer.

Netizens complain about this: "is the threshold for opening a store so low now?"to open a store, you must at least have the basic knowledge of this thing." it is very disrespectful and unsafe to sell to consumers without knowing anything about your own products, especially in the food industry.

Some netizens think that the price of this coffee shop should be aimed at coffee lovers, and since coffee lovers can pay for this price, the coffee shop should also do a good job in the professional part. this is a fair deal for both consumers and coffee shops.

Perhaps consumers who come to the store will not necessarily ask about the handling of coffee beans as casually as the customer does, or they may not even understand coffee at all. If they just want a refreshing caffeine drink, they do not need to ask too much of the coffee shop. From this point of view, as long as you identify the customer group you will face, you don't have to be a professional to open a coffee shop.

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