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Recipe to match yourself! Lucky worker: I'm crazy busy!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow| Daily Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop With the increasing demand for daily coffee among working people, the demand for novelty is also increasing. In order to meet the personalized needs of consumers, some coffee chain brands and private shops began to offer customized taste options.

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With the increasing demand for daily coffee among migrant workers, the demand for novelty is also increasing. In order to meet the individual needs of consumers, some coffee chains and private stores begin to offer customized taste choices. For example, some private coffee shops and brands such as Starbucks China allow more consumers to choose drinks according to their preferences.

Recently, some netizens posted on the social platform that Luckin Coffee has launched the "Beverage DIY" menu, where consumers can choose the milk base for coffee according to their own taste, and can add additional milk base, but the choice of different drinks will also affect the options that can be added.

At this time, some netizens joked in the comment area: "here, you can't look at flowers with a single eye." There are also people who said bluntly: DIY menu "hurry to popularize the country", the DIY service launched by Luckin Coffee is undoubtedly a great blessing for consumers, to meet the personalized needs of many consumers. But some netizens wonder whether it is the trend of national coffee stores in the future that drinks can be DIY.

In this regard, a lucky partner said with concern, hastened to make it clear that this is only provided in pilot stores, not a nationwide service. Otherwise, many consumers will ask, "Why can't you? Xiao Hong Shu says that you can choose your own customized drinks," mistakenly thinking that all Lucky stores can provide this kind of customized service.

At the same time, another Luckin Coffee employee pointed out that although Starbucks also offers customization options, due to Lucky's huge orders, the introduction of this service may lead to a surge in workload. I am worried that I will be "crazy" after customization, especially during the rush hour on Mondays.

Then some netizens said that at present, Lucky DIY menu is only being launched on a pilot basis by individual stores, and customized stores only need to scan the machine to produce products without remembering the formula.

Secondly, in the past, many consumers feel that the taste of coffee is always light, this time Luckin Coffee in the DIY menu, provides the option to add espresso. For many part-time workers, coffee is an essential drink in daily life. However, different workers have different tastes and needs for coffee.

In addition, Huawei Terminal Cloud Service announced on January 22nd that Luckin Coffee had successfully completed the core function development of Hongmeng native application. This cooperation means that Luckin Coffee's application will run smoothly on a variety of Hongmeng terminals, making it more convenient for users to place coffee.

Generally speaking, the DIY service launched by Luckin Coffee in the pilot stores is undoubtedly a useful and innovative attempt to enable consumers to better create their own personalized drinks. In the future, we may be able to see more coffee brands join the ranks to provide consumers with more diversified and personalized beverage choices.

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