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The most interesting coffee on the "shit"! Netizen: It's hard to keep your mouth shut!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow| Coffee Workshop is famous for coffee beans in Asia. Indonesia's gold mantenin can be said to be one of the representatives. The coffee beans treated by wet planing method have a strong aroma of nuts and caramel. It is mellow and clean, which is the heart of many coffee lovers. India

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When it comes to Asia's famous coffee beans, Indonesia's gold mantenin can be said to be one of the representatives. After wet planing, the coffee beans have a rich nutty and caramel aroma, mellow and clean, which is the heart of many coffee lovers. However, in addition to gold mantenin, Indonesia also has another kind of coffee that is quite famous, that is,"cat shit coffee" which is expensive in the coffee market.

The special feature of cat droppings coffee is that it is "made" by civets in India. It is reported that local people will look for civets 'feces in the woods and collect them. Then they will take out coffee beans that have not been completely digested. After washing and drying, they can get rare and delicious cat droppings coffee.

As the saying goes,"thin things are expensive," cat excrement coffee is because of its hard-won and unique taste, in the coffee market by consumers sought after, prices naturally rise. However, the cat feces coffee produced by Indonesian civet cats is difficult to meet the market demand. In order not to miss this huge business opportunity, the locals have found another way to make coffee from the digested excrement of other animals. Therefore, there is an upgraded version of cat feces coffee, human feces coffee.

Some time ago, there are bloggers on the social platform "spend a lot of money" to buy human excrement coffee, and in a large number of netizens "instigation" to try, this does not try OK, try almost "death," bloggers just drink a mouthful spit out, thus speculated that this cup of coffee taste should be very strange, very acceptable to ordinary people.

After reading the blogger's evaluation, netizens have left comments,"yue,""I really didn't think that one day I could brush someone with hot water to soak dry food,""rich people's tastes are really different,""someone really buys ah."💩

Some netizens also questioned that this is the blogger's show in order to get attention, the so-called human excrement coffee is just the blogger's "self-directed self-performance." There is no denying that this courageous blogger does have the suspicion of earning heat when he evaluates human feces coffee, but human feces coffee is not entirely a gimmick.

It is reported that Indonesian locals in order to improve the production of cat excrement coffee, captive civets and feed their coffee fruit, let civets "black work," but even so the output of cat excrement coffee still can not match the market demand, so the local people thought of using other animal excrement as raw materials to make coffee, as cat excrement coffee sales, and these raw materials, there are human excrement coffee as raw materials.

However, this kind of special coffee has always been controversial in terms of hygiene, morality, etc. Indonesia also has doubts about the legality of human excrement coffee, but the local cultural atmosphere and market demand will still appear in the coffee market.

Netizens said that although they could understand the existence of human excrement coffee due to local culture, they were still shocked. They could only say that there was nothing strange in the world. In order to make more money, everything was sold.

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