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Tossing and turning for half a time, the coffee is still instant at the end!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop most coffee lovers should become interested in coffee through fast and rapid products such as instant coffee and freeze-dried coffee, and after learning about various coffee brewing methods in today's society, or want to experience different brewing methods.

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Most coffee lovers should start to be interested in coffee through quick and quick products such as instant coffee and freeze-dried coffee, and after learning about various coffee brewing methods in today's social information flood, or want to experience the difference between coffee obtained by different brewing methods, or curious about the taste of various coffees, etc., small partners may be groping step by step on the road of coffee exploration.

Along the way, hanging ears, hand brewing, Italian, special coffee, cold extraction, ice drops and so on drank again, hand brewing filter cup, capsule machine, mocha pot, semi-automatic Italian coffee machine, full-automatic coffee machine and other equipment in the economic premise to try, finally choose their favorite coffee equipment to create a coffee corner of their own, every three or five to buy some favorite coffee beans at home production.

Every coffee lover's coffee exploration path will have more or less similar experiences, but the end of the exploration journey is different. Some people will love the coffee flavor deduced by hand brewing coffee, some people will love the coffee flower made by themselves, and some people will get used to the ease and convenience of capsules.

However, many netizens said that their coffee exploration road is a circle, around a big circle, and finally return to the beginning of the starting-instant coffee. "I have been drinking black coffee for many years, but recently I love instant coffee with vegetable fat powder,""I really started drinking freeze-dried coffee after so many years,""I bought beans before, but now the tools are sold in the seafood market, returning to instant coffee."

Some netizens admitted that the process of making a cup of coffee is really interesting, but as a migrant worker, there will be no time or mood to make coffee, so in the end will choose freeze-dried coffee to meet their daily caffeine needs.

Many netizens who return to instant coffee said that for the early eight people who rely on caffeine to refresh their minds and don't pay attention to coffee flavor, a cup of hot milk can quickly get a latte in freeze-dried coffee powder. Although there is no beautiful flower, it is faster and more convenient than making coffee machine, and it is more economical than buying a cup of chain coffee brand.

Netizens who have business travel needs also said that compared with hand brewing and Italian style, instant coffee does not need to bring a lot of brewing utensils. Once the water is poured into the cup, you can drink black coffee quickly, and it will not produce extra garbage like ear-hanging coffee. On the whole, it saves time and trouble. You can drink a cup anytime and anywhere when you go out.

In addition, some netizens bluntly said that they chose to drink instant coffee instead of freshly ground hand flushing because the shelf life of instant coffee is longer than the taste period of coffee beans. Although the taste is different, it is a pity that good beans miss the taste period, or instant coffee that can be preserved for a long time is more cost-effective.

However, netizens with heavier tastes said that instant coffee can control the amount by itself in addition to being cheap and easy to save trouble."If you want to put less, put more if you want to put more," the main one is free, easy and fast. From this point of view, explore coffee for a long time, go around finally or return to the origin, like their own coffee again "first love" is not incomprehensible.

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