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Join in if you can't beat it, and the Starbucks cup cover has finally changed!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop has always been a joint event for various chain coffee brands. In addition to defining the perimeter, they generally use a specially designed "three-piece set" during the event, with Lucky as the representative, and limited cup covers can be seen in the joint activities with popular IP.

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For a long time, when various chain coffee brands have joint activities, in addition to defining the perimeter, they usually use a specially designed "three-piece set" during the event, with Lucky as the representative, and the joint activities with popular IP basically show limited cup covers, stickers and paper bags. If you encounter a theme like the Australian Open, which is not suitable for making stickers, there will also be joint cup covers and paper bags.

For chain coffee brands, the joint "three-piece set" is low in cost and easy to make, and consumers are willing to pay for it, so they regard it as a standard match for joint activities, which also affects consumers' impression of joint activities-the joint "three-piece set" is the minimum configuration for brands to launch joint activities.

Because of this inherent impression, the public always complains about the special existence of Starbucks in the chain coffee brand. Starbucks, which does not participate in the joint name of the chain brand, has an occasional event, but it is only limited to the periphery. Some netizens have complained that they don't even know when it has a joint event if they don't follow the Starbucks account.

The ten-year-old brown paper bag and green logo can deepen consumers' impression of the brand, but in the outside world, it is not conducive to the promotion of joint activities, such as the joint event of Starbucks and "wreaking havoc in Heaven" at the beginning of the year, netizens are full of expectations, but can not help but complain that "there is not even a joint cup cover" after the event, which is considered by netizens to be invalid.

Recently, however, Starbucks, which caught the Spring Festival wave on the year of the Dragon drink, surprised netizens, with three specially designed year of the Dragon cup sets appearing in various stores at the same time. When Starbucks' long-time consumers saw the new cup holder, they said, "Starbucks made a decision against our ancestors,"Starbucks opened a little late," and "finally took a step, otherwise God knows what I'm drinking."

Some time ago, Starbucks announced its results for the first quarter of 2024. Wang Jingying, chairman and CEO of Starbucks China, revealed that Starbucks would accelerate the sinking of stores in 2024 and compete with other coffee brands for the market in sunken cities, but also made it clear that Starbucks would not participate in the price war of coffee brands.

Not only want to get a share of the sinking coffee market, but also do not want to give up high profits and do not join the ranks of low-cost coffee, what Starbucks can do is to make its brand more in line with the Chinese market and launch more products that consumers like. The limited year of the Dragon cup cover may be an attempt to localize the brand.

However, these three limited design of the year of the Dragon cup cover for consumers, some netizens feel very new, colorful and good-looking, good workmanship, the moral is also full of good wishes for the future, but some netizens think that Starbucks design is not very good, and the dragon on the cup has the feeling of Japanese strange illustration, unlike the traditional Chinese dragon pattern, "there is a sense of western evil dragon."

Considering that Starbucks, which has always been in a high profile, changed its mind to join the joint limited packaging volume, netizens chose to forgive the ugly cup cover this time, and hope to see Starbucks' packing bag change next time.

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