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Book for coffee! The shopkeeper set limits to arouse controversy among netizens.

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Last Updated: 2024/05/25, ▲ Click to follow | the daily boutique coffee culture magazine coffee shop brings a book and drinks a cup of coffee, which should be the ideal afternoon tea time for many romantic and artistic people. In order to meet the needs of young writers and artists, many bookstores have joined the coffee race.

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Bring a book and drink a cup of coffee, which should be the ideal afternoon tea time for many people with romantic literary feelings. In order to meet the needs of literary youth, many bookstores join the coffee track. The famous Sisyphus book is the combination of bookstores and cafes. Private bookstores also operate in this mode, mainly providing a comfortable and artistic atmosphere.

In the process of operation, these bookstores and cafes will hold some activities to attract consumers to the store."Book-for-coffee" is the most common operation. A bookstore in Beijing is like this in Russia, attracting consumers into the store by means of "book-for-coffee." At this time, some netizens will think that since it is an old book for coffee, then outdated picture magazines or unused professional books should be brought to change, so that old books have a place to go, but also can have a cup of coffee, not beautiful.

However, the store does not accept all books. The notice clearly stipulates that the reference range of books is "best-selling books with more than 200 pages in hardcover edition for more than 39 yuan within 20 years," and explains that "professional textbooks, financial economics, chicken soup for the soul, children's books, health care and parenting world classics are not accepted."

Such detailed regulations let many netizens break through defense, one after another said that such exchange is not worth it,"an instant coffee with what for me 39 yuan hardcover book,""my book is worth more than this cup of coffee pinch,""quite a lot of things, meet these conditions when the second-hand book sold almost can buy a cup of coffee,""a cup of coffee really worth a book money? "。

However, some netizens said that they had taken books to this shop for coffee, think that the prescribed old book conditions are not excessive, and meet the requirements of the shopkeeper quite a lot of books, such as foreign novels Chinese translation, social science books and so on should meet. Moreover, netizens bluntly said that if the coffee changer took an old book from the 1970s and 1980s, or a reference book, reader, youth digest, story club, etc. to change a cup of coffee, it was neither appropriate nor fair for the shopkeeper, and the shopkeeper could not understand such a rule.

Most of the netizens in the comment area still think that the price of a hardcover book is much higher than the price of a cup of coffee, and think that the shopkeeper uses "the cheapest coffee beans for other people's hardcover books, which is quite calculating." Book-loving netizens believe that a book can be read repeatedly, different ages will have different feelings, but a cup of coffee after drinking, bring people far more value than a good book can compare, so the shopkeeper set such exchange rules for the exchange of people and unfair.

The owner launched a warm and romantic activity such as "exchanging books for coffee" to shorten the distance between customers arriving at the store. It can also make old books and coffee become a bridge, so that people who love books like coffee and people who like coffee love reading books. However, too clear reference range of old books will make people who want to try to exchange dare not come forward, and may even dissuade other potential customers. Just as netizens said frankly, the owner's "request makes people uncomfortable. I don't want to change or taste coffee.

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