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Secretly change the rules! Lucky 9.9 designated drinks cause dissatisfaction

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Last year the coffee industry's biggest circle was probably the low-cost coffee discount war between Lucky and Cudy. This commercial war can be said to be a carnival for consumers. In the past, the impression that a cup of coffee could be drunk for less than 10 yuan and sucked successfully.

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Last year, the coffee industry was probably the low-price coffee discount war between Ruixing and Kudi. This commercial war can be said to be a carnival for consumers. In the past, a cup of coffee of dozens of yuan can be drunk for less than 10 yuan. It successfully attracted many passers-by who didn't drink coffee or were not interested in coffee, so that they gradually became coffee consumers in their purchases again and again.

The long-term discount activity also makes consumers 'first impression of Ruixing is one of the representatives of high cost performance of coffee brand, and also remembers the publicity of "Ruixing 9.9." Up to now, many consumers still visit Ruixing stores because of this cup of 9.9 coffee.

However, recently, careful netizens noticed that the rules for the use of 9.9 discount coupons given by Ruixing have changed when placing orders with Ruixing app. The 9.9 discount coupons originally applicable to most drinks in stores are now only available for designated drinks, while the range of designated drinks covered by discount coupons is determined by Ruixing stores themselves. Some stores have more choices, while some have several options left for consumers to choose from.

The Ruimen believer who found this posted a comment, saying that he was stabbed in the back by Ruixing."I found it in the morning and went to Kudi's 8.8 when I turned around,""I was poor and I wanted to drink only 9.9. Why didn't it change secretly?""Biluo Zhichun is no longer 9.9!! What's the point of that?"" Wow, that's too hard. Even some ordinary ones can't 9.9 anymore."

Most netizens said they bought Ruixing drinks because of Ruixing's 9.9 discount coupons, and now Ruixing has narrowed the use of 9.9 discount coupons. If there is no discount on the drinks they want to drink, they may choose other coffee brands such as Coody and Manner instead.

Some netizens said that Ruixing's behavior of not telling itself in advance is like a thunderbolt, so that consumers who like it have a feeling of "betrayal," bluntly saying,"Ruixing can't afford to play."

At the same time, some netizens think that Ruixing will launch 9.9 discount coupons before because it is forced to compete with Kudi, and now Ruixing may have changed its marketing strategy, and there is no need to continue to stick with Kudi in the price war, so it is not surprising that 9.9 discount coupons will change the rules of use.

For Ruixing's adjustment, understanding netizens think there is no need to feel unhappy because of the change of discount coupon rules,"expensive do not drink,""although, merchants love to issue what coupons, love to limit what category, his freedom ah, there is no need to scold others, and not you buy coupons with money,""he does not think I am poor, I do not think he is less selective."

As many netizens think, 9.9 discount coupon is Ruixing in order to win more passenger flow, promote brand, increase brand influence when using the operation strategy, when the brand has popularity and the customer source stabilizes down, Ruixing will slowly pull the product unit price back to the normal level by changing discount coupon rules and other operations, and may withdraw from the price war in the future.

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