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Cuisine Special +1! Netizen: Crab shell after eating cup latte!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow| Daily Boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop In the field of creative coffee, free-wheeling baristas can always sprout some strange ideas, practice "everything can be coffee" with actions, and strive to integrate coffee with local specialties to create a unique signature. And so, coffee.

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In the field of creative coffee, baristas can always come up with some strange ideas, put into practice "coffee of everything", and strive to integrate coffee with local cuisine to create a unique sign.

As a result, baristas made creative coffee such as bean juice American style, sesame sauce American style, stinky tofu latte and so on, which successfully attracted many trendy people to sign in locally, but the taste of these coffees is indescribable. It can only be said that these local specialty coffee is a challenge to the taste buds of the experimenter.

The creative coffee produced by the forced combination of local characteristics and coffee is a taste bomb in the eyes of netizens, and the taste of being too curious makes it impossible for people to finish the coffee, so it is complained by netizens that it is a "waste of food". Although it can become a bright spot to let some people know the local characteristics, it can not produce the emotion that you want to try, or even cause a dissuasion effect.

Netizens' complaints made baristas realize that the strong mix of food and coffee does not reflect the characteristics of local cuisine, but also masks the flavor of coffee itself. As a result, baristas change their innovative ideas and no longer integrate the two, but use one side to set off the other.

For example, the popular green pepper latte takes the green pepper as a container to carry coffee, and consumers can also take the green pepper home for stir-frying and add a dish for dinner. On this basis, Fuzhou launched a fish ball latte, which is small and delicate, and after a mouthful of boredom, you can throw the Q-shot fish ball into your mouth and chew it. Xinjiang, which is far away from the other end, is not to be outdone, taking out a flower, holding a cup of latte in your hand, drinking coffee and eating it, and a lunch is settled.

Turn the delicious food into a container, in which the flavor of the coffee will not be completely buried by the ingredients, and the "container" after drinking the drink can still be eaten for the second time, which is not a waste of food. Recently, according to this idea, some baristas in Ningbo made a combination of Ningbo choked crab and coffee and launched the Ningbo choked crab latte.

Netizens complained about this one after another, "Ningbo people are furious!" , "Ningbo natives do not drink", "let go of the crab bar", "string West gift bag, seafood allergies please consider drinking", showed obvious resistance to this creative coffee.

However, careful netizens noticed that the barista in the video only used the crab shell as a container and did not add crab paste to the coffee liquid. From this, he guessed that it should be a cup of latte with normal taste. "if it can taste crab, I am willing to try it", "this can have", "it is a little curious about the taste", "after eating Ningbo choked crab, wash the shell and get a cup of coffee." It's pretty good.

Some netizens believe that there is actually no crab Hardshell Crab paste in the Ningbo crab latte, just like an old woman without a wife in a cake, it is only a selling point to attract consumers, although it may be a little less "sea flavor". But it is not a dark dish that creates a dead sense of taste, and many curious hipsters say that as long as food is not wasted, such creative coffee can be accepted and tried.

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