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How do you make cream coffee? Can milk extract coffee be preserved at room temperature?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, Six months ago, the backstage of Qianjie Coffee was "coffee extracted with ice milk, so fragrant!" "in the days after this article was published, I received a lot of milk extract beans from my friends to share! So today, Qianjie Coffee has selected some representative coffee beans to make. Take a look at these beans that like to be praised.

Six months ago, the backstage of Qianjie Coffee was "coffee extracted with ice milk, so fragrant!" "in the days after this article was published, I received a lot of milk extract beans from my friends to share! So today, Qianjie Coffee selected some representative coffee beans to make, and see what kind of amazing taste these highly praised beans can bring us.

How do you extract coffee with milk? It is customary for Qianjie Coffee to first share how to extract coffee with milk (hereinafter referred to as milk extract): as the sentence implies, milk is used instead of water to extract coffee, but the milk temperature used for extraction is not hot. It is extracted with ice milk. Then a friend asked a question: "isn't the lower the temperature, the weaker the extraction? wouldn't it be better to extract with hot milk?"

Indeed, it is only at higher temperatures that a liquid can have outstanding extraction efficiency, even if the liquid is milk. However, milk is different from water, hot milk will bring two negative effects! First, the taste is getting worse: when the temperature exceeds 70 degrees, the overall taste of the milk will become thinner, less silky and mellow, and the sweetness will be greatly reduced. This negative taste is not just the effect of temperature on the senses, because even after the temperature drops, the overall feeling of milk is still very poor. This is because the substance in milk has been destroyed by high temperature and has become an irreversible negative effect. Second, the filtration is extremely slow: regardless of the taste of milk, its filtration is also a big problem! The only way hot milk can be extracted is trickling or soaking, but because milk is rich in a lot of substances, it will pass through the filter paper very slowly. This will lead to a substantial extension of the extraction time, a long time of extraction will make the coffee produce the bitter taste of extraction!

(same liquid weight, very different flow rate) these two negative factors completely lock up the possibility of hot milk extraction, so we can know why no one uses hot milk for coffee extraction. But it is reasonable that although the temperature of ice milk is low and the extraction efficiency is not high, it does not matter, as long as we extend its extraction time just like cold-extracted coffee, and the reason why milk extract chooses to use low-temperature milk, part of it does come from the extraction method derived from cold-extracted coffee.

As mentioned earlier, the liquid extraction efficiency at low temperature will be relatively low, and the sour, sweet and bitter substances in the coffee will be released slowly, so it is the best way to let the coffee get a more complete extraction over a long time. Then let's take a look at what kind of milky coffee can be made from the coffee beans shared by all kinds of online friends.

In the milk extract experiment, there are a total of three beans shared this time, which are selected by Qianjie Coffee from the sharing of many friends (as the deep-roasted beans have been made last time, they are not included in the experiment this time). In addition, Qianjie coffee has been extracted in advance ~ the production parameters are roughly the same, the amount of beans used is 20g, the ratio of powder to milk is 1: 10: 1, the ratio of powder to milk is 12, the grindness of beans is 70% / 75% of that of No. 20 sieve, and the soaking time is 12 hours.

First, the most shared beans-"strawberry candy" strawberry candy is the most recommended. It normally boils with strawberries, raisins and almonds. The Milk extract Coffee also has a rich strawberry flavor, with chocolate and a hint of raisins, silky and mellow, much like a latte made of strawberry milk with a powder-to-milk ratio of 1:12.

Second, the representative of anaerobic treatment-- "Xizhao" anaerobic treatment also has a lot of sharing, so after layers of screening, the final decision is the "dividing line Xizao". It is routinely cooked with fruit flavors of grape, passion fruit and apricot, as well as a strong sense of fermentation brought about by double anaerobic. The milk extract coffee made from it has not been imported yet, and it feels the aroma of preserved fruit brought by anaerobic treatment! It tastes a little sour like apricot and grape, followed by caramel and chocolate.

Qianjie Coffee uses a powder-to-milk ratio of 1:12, but on the whole, the fermented taste is a bit too strong, so if there are friends who want to try, Qianjie Coffee suggests raising the ratio of powdered milk to 1:13, which can appropriately weaken the sense of fermentation caused by re-fermentation and the concentration of sour taste, resulting in a better drinking experience (or diluted directly with ice).

Third, the shallow baking representative of conventional treatment-"Alida Kaduai" the taste of light baked beans is easily covered by milk, so the front street about this type of sharing has received less, and Alida is the leader of this small amount. The coffee extracted by regular brewing has the flavor of peach, orange and green tea. And the milk extract coffee made with it still has a high sweetness, not only with the high sweet flavor of peach and caramel, but also with the mellow feeling of chocolate milk, which is very good. The proportion of Qianjie coffee used is 1:10.

The above are the three representative beans recommended by friends, and finally attach some notes on the production of milk extract coffee. I hope it can better help you to extract the delicious milk extract coffee. First, the way of filtering: this must be every milk extract player's trouble, the filter is really too! Slow down! La! The excessive abundance of milk greatly slows down the rate of filtration. Therefore, in order to solve this problem, the witty Qianjie Coffee directly replaced the filter paper with a filter with a larger filter hole, so that the milk coffee could be filtered out quickly.

Tea artist: who stole my tea bag! (2) proportion adjustment: the milk extract performance of light roasted and routinely treated coffee beans is worse than that of deep roasted and anaerobic coffee beans. If you don't pay attention, the taste of coffee can easily be masked by milk. Therefore, we can solve this problem by increasing the concentration of coffee ~ for example, anaerobic beans in Qianjie coffee will choose 1, 12, 1, 13, while Kaduai in regular sun will choose the powder-to-milk ratio at 1:10 is this reason.

Finish it as soon as possible: this has nothing to do with production. As milk is a very perishable drink, please drink it as soon as possible after making it. Do not leave it for too long and cause gastrointestinal discomfort to the drinker.


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