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After the blizzard, Lucky unexpectedly became an online celebrity sign-in point?!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/18, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop "once traveled along the snow road, why did you cry for a good thing? who can own Mount Fuji with love?" Eason Chan's song "under Mount Fuji" gave many netizens who traveled to Japan more sign-in points, and many tourists took photos at the foot of Mount Fuji as a souvenir.

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"Once along the snow road travel, Why for good tears flow, Who can love to Fuji Mountain private," Chen Yixun a song "At the foot of Mount Fuji" Let a lot of travel to Japan net friend more punch card point, Many tourists to the foot of Mount Fuji all take photos to leave a souvenir, And the foot of the Rosen convenience store has become one of the hot punch card points selected by tourists.

Whether it is a light blue sunny day in early spring or a burning cloud passing by in summer, it is matched with the Rosen Convenience Store at the foot of Mount Fuji to produce beautiful photos. The comfortable and relaxed atmosphere is transmitted to the people who see this beautiful scene through the picture, so that the card picture of "Rosen Convenience Store under Mount Fuji" shared by netizens can often be seen on social platforms.

Recently, against the backdrop of snow in the cold winter, a netizen's "Ruixing Convenience Store under the Yellow Crane Tower" has attracted the attention of many netizens. Similar to the composition of "Rosen Convenience Store under Mount Fuji", the blue signboard of Ruixing Coffee Shop is dazzling in the snowy days and complements the Yellow Crane Tower with snow-covered eaves behind it.

"Although there is no Fuji Mountain in China, but there is Yellow Crane Tower ah," netizens seem to have found "Fuji Mountain under Rosen convenience store" domestic alternative version, one after another in the comment area asked about the specific shooting location of the photo, there were originally planned to go to Wuhan to play netizens directly this Rising coffee shop into one of the must-go punch card points,"here to take photos punch card" idea revealed undoubtedly.

For a time netizens can't help feeling,"Lucky really can choose a place, Every year tourists want to squeeze this explosion,""Lucky pretty will choose the site,""Laugh, Lucky too will find a place to open a shop, Summer time can not win hemp,""Is able to choose the place,""Lucky location choice is good ah."

There is one to say, in this photo Ruixing blue signboard appears just right, the romantic atmosphere of snowy days is full, no wonder netizens will say Ruixing is good at doing business, picked a suitable location to open a store, so that can not travel abroad and want to have "Fuji Mountain Rosen convenience store" the same picture netizens more good place.

However, there are also netizens 'attention point deviation, noticed in the photo in front of Ruixing store ice cream cone barricade and iron gray fence, slowly came a sentence "like security booth." Don't say don't know, This netizen said, There are many people also think so,"This Rising looks very much like traffic police booth,""Like police station,""Security booth is visual sense."

Most of the common police booths in the city are blue and white color, plus red and white warning cones and fences. If it is not lucky photos, it will really be mistaken for the security duty room downstairs. It can be seen that when taking photos, the lens should move up and remove the misunderstood elements from the picture.

Just some netizens think, If highlight RuiXing store signboard, That these photos punch card picture is undoubtedly RuiXing's best propaganda, So some netizens call RuiXing, Let RuiXing quickly to settle publicity expenses, Or do more 9.9 activities, Attract more netizens to shop punch card, Take more free publicity pictures.

Photo from: Little Red Book

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