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Closed on vacation? Coffee worker: it doesn't exist!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop last night everyone should have spent the last day of the year of the Rabbit in the joy and excitement of New Year's Eve, and ushered in the first day of the year of the Dragon in the warm and bright early morning. According to the provisions of the national legal holiday, there should be a lot of busyness today.

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Last night, everyone should have spent the last day of the rabbit year in the joy and excitement of New Year's Eve. In the warm and bright sunshine in the morning, the first day of the Dragon Year was ushered in. According to the regulations of the national legal holidays, there should be many busy workers at home today. They should either chat with their elders or bring a few good friends out to play.

However, there are such a group of people, whether it is New Year's Eve or New Year's Day, who are still standing in the bar for the explosion of the morning rush hour. Yes, they are coffee workers!

It is estimated that many netizens have doubts about this, early eight people are not on vacation home for the Spring Festival? Why is anyone still drinking coffee? You're kidding me? Isn't your coffee shop open? Is the coffee industry on holiday now? Netizens really have a lot of questions, but probably the most doubts should be coffee workers really work, there is one say one, there are really many people working oh.

Look at the comment area of the workers online real-time punch card,"I am at work,""Who is still resting for the New Year,""At work ah,""Said, I am at work,""On the top," Some friends also published New Year's Eve morning label map, Said they "Early morning want to die," Morning peak is still the explosion of the order, The world is turning as usual, See take-out reservation order workers are still collapsed.

However, some of his friends had a lot of leisure time. After all, the early eight people in the office building had a holiday. With fewer orders, they could also happily touch a fish and steal some laziness. There are little friends idle to do, give yourself a latte to reward yourself who is still working on New Year's Eve.

Some friends said that others eat a big meal at home to watch the Spring Festival Gala, and beautiful New Year's Eve, oneself eat instant noodles on the post when the store keeper, insist on the last moment of the New Year. There was no other way. Many shops were closed on New Year's Eve. Even ordering takeout was annoying, so they could only eat instant noodles.

The small partners who started work on New Year's Day are like today's bright sunshine. They are full of energy."On top of it, earn three salaries hard","earn three times hard","work three salaries to vomit blood","must go up, for tomorrow's third day three salaries","I must win three salaries! "。

As the saying goes, money can make the ghost grind, and the three salaries for holidays can also keep the barista at his post and give customers the first cup of delicious coffee of the new year.

However, not all coffee workers are at work. Some coffee workers enter the vacation state before New Year's Eve. They take advantage of holidays to go out and relax, or go back to their hometown to meet relatives and friends for a chat."It's already a holiday,""rest at home,""hey, I go home for the New Year."

So, are your coffee workers behind the bar or are you at home eating melon seeds and watching TV?

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