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Cuddy APP has been removed from the shelves! Official response!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Coffee Workshop and Coffee Coffee War, Ruixing first changed the rules for the use of 9.9 discount coupons and temporarily called a truce. Consumers who used to buy Luckin Coffee were dissatisfied with Ruixin's secret change of the rules and fell into the arms of Cuddy 8.8.

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In the low-price discount coffee war between Lucky and Kudi, Lucky first changed the rules for the use of 9.9 discount coupons and called a temporary truce. Consumers who used to buy Luckin Coffee fell into the arms of Cuddy 8.8 because they were dissatisfied with Rui's secretly changing the rules. Eight early people who not only want to maintain their daily caffeine intake but also hope to meet the demand at a low price use Cudi as a substitute for Lucky.

Therefore, Kudi has recently become the priority choice of many coffee consumers, and the launch of new products related to the Spring Festival festive atmosphere has also attracted the attention of consumers interested in new products, and the number of consumers placing orders on platforms such as Kudi APP and Mini Program has naturally increased.

However, netizens who need to download Kudi APP recently found that the Coffee APP can no longer be downloaded from Apple's App Store. The app prompts that "the COTTI COFFEE Coffee APP is no longer available. Developers have removed this APP from the APP Store."

This surprised many netizens, watching the hint that the phone popped up and worrying, "is Cudy going out of business? the software cannot be updated and downloaded!" One after another wondered if something happened to Cody that led to the removal of APP from the app mall without prior notice. "what's wrong with Cuddy?" hold on! .

In response to the sudden removal of the shelves, some netizens suspected that it might have something to do with Cudi, who was the official sponsor of the Argentine national team. After becoming the official sponsor of the Argentine national team, Kudi launched a promotion of "Argentina pays you 1 yuan to drink Kudi" and put on the shelves a batch of special drinks mixed with Argentine blue.

Recently, Lionel Messi, the representative of the Argentine team, did not appear in the friendly match in Hong Kong, China, which disappointed Chinese fans and caused people from all walks of life to blame Messi one after another. While the brands that have a partnership with Messi are in an awkward position in this growing public opinion, Cudy can only use a blessing word posted on Messi's face in a poster to express his helplessness.

Therefore, netizens' speculation about the reason why Cudy's APP was suddenly removed from the shelves is not aimless, but some netizens think that it may be a simple adjustment to the shelves, not forced to be removed because of public opinion.

Learning about netizens' worries and speculation, Kudi's official Weibo posted a post in response to netizens' concerns after a hot search on # Kudi Coffee on AppStore#. "Kudi Coffee APP is being restored to the shelves due to upgrade and update," informing netizens that they can first place an order through WeChat Mini Programs.

After seeing the official Weibo, many consumers breathed a sigh of relief, commenting that they usually use WeChat Mini Programs to issue orders to buy, the utilization rate of APP is not too high, and some netizens even said bluntly that if it hadn't been for the hot search off the shelves of Kudi APP, they would not have known that Kudi had launched its own APP.

Contact Kudi's recent actions, first because of cooperation with Maotai, selling coffee while also selling alcohol, and then applying the man-machine cooperation model mentioned at the beginning of the year to the first store of the new tea brand "Tea Cat" in Beijing, and now suddenly off the shelves of APP without notice, no wonder consumers who like Kudi are worried about the current business situation of Kudi, for fear that it will close down without saying a word, so that Lucky can easily win the war of low-cost coffee.

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