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Love is mocha bitter! Starbucks Valentine's Day new product is criticized!

Published: 2024-06-25 Author:
Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow| Starbucks, which is committed to better integrating into the Chinese market, has launched three limited drinks for the Year of the Dragon and rushed to launch a new pink Valentine in the week leading up to Valentine's Day

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Just after New Year's Day, Valentine's Day full of pink bubbles follows. Starbucks, which is committed to better integrating into the Chinese market, has launched three limited drinks for the Year of the Dragon shortly before Valentine's Day. It is a combination of traditional Chinese festivals and popular western festivals.

This Valentine's Day limited drink is cocoa raspberry flavor mocha, add sweet raspberry syrup mocha covered with a layer of romantic pink cream, can be said that this drink from the visual and taste to give consumers a good impression of love, let people drink at the same time can feel the sweet honey between couples.

Valentine's Day limited drinks on the shelves attract the attention of many consumers by virtue of their outstanding appearance, and people can't help but want to try whether the taste of love is as sweet as honey. However, netizens who have tried bluntly said,"I have tasted the bitterness of love," teasing Valentine's Day drinking this new cup may lead to a breakup.

More than one netizen thought Starbucks 'new products were not as good as expected,"drinking Banlangen flavor of traditional Chinese medicine,""bad taste, a taste of cold medicine,""super newspaper,""too bad to drink, a taste of traditional Chinese medicine,""really bad to drink,""don't drink! Suffering! "。

Some netizens analyzed that the taste of raspberry cream on the upper layer of this limited drink and mocha coffee on the lower layer could not be integrated, so that it tasted like two independent flavors, and this drink would be put into freeze-dried dragon fruit in the production process, which also made some netizens say they could not accept the overall taste of the new product, and complained that the freeze-dried dragon fruit added "gave him a bad taste rose to a level."

As netizens think, Valentine's Day limited drinks are quite rich in layers, there are cream, coffee, raspberries and freeze-dried dragon fruit, but drink it is "not very good."

For more than half a year, Starbucks has launched new drinks in China at a visible pace. At the beginning of the year, the popularity of frozen lattes has not subsided before the launch of three Dragon Year limited drinks. Now, Valentine's Day is limited. Compared with the previous frequency of new product updates,"it's as fast as a rocket."

However, Starbucks launched new products in netizens 'comments are mostly bad to drink, such as the previous limit of toffee roasted sweet potato flavor tea latte was ridiculed "no roasted sweet potato flavor," more netizens found that this new product is actually Starbucks has always existed hidden menu, but Starbucks changed its name.

As for Starbucks 'Valentine's Day limited drink, because netizens can see hidden menus such as "raspberry latte,""raspberry star ice music,""raspberry macchiato" and so on social platforms, some netizens speculate that this cocoa raspberry flavor mocha comes from hidden menus on social platforms, rather than Starbucks' own research and development.

Some netizens even think that the new product looks like another specialty coffee in Starbucks menu, purple cloud latte, think Valentine's Day limited drink is put on the shelf to consume a wave of raspberry syrup and freeze-dried dragon fruit, so that netizens complain that Starbucks 'new product development is too casual without novelty, more sincere.

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