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The trademark must be changed! Small stores are bullied by brands?

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Last Updated: 2024/06/13, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Coffee Race is so hot that many young people choose to join them and open an independent coffee shop to realize their coffee dream. Of course, your own store must have a unique and attractive logo, so there are a lot of coffee products

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The popularity of the coffee track makes many young people choose to join them and open an independent coffee shop to realize their coffee dream. Of course, your own store must have a unique logo that can attract consumers, so many coffee brands, whether large chain giants or independent small stores, will design a distinctive trademark so that consumers can remember their brand at a glance, like the "Apple" blue bottle coffee, with a simple blue bottle to let coffee lovers around the world remember this brand.

From this point of view, a good-looking and memorable logo is still very important for a coffee shop. Mano's, a coffee hamburger restaurant in Tunstall Square Shopping Mall in Doncaster East, Melbourne's Chinese district, whose red and white simple logo is the first thing that comes to mind when many consumers like it.

Recently, however, the store was forced to change its trademark that had been used for many years, changing the original logo on a red background to a scarlet letter on a white background, and the shopkeeper suddenly made the move to change the trademark because the hamburger chain giant Grill'd filed a complaint against their trademark suspected of infringement, asking the shopkeeper to change the logo.

Mano, the store owner, said Grill'd opened a branch near them last October, and not long after that, he received a letter from Grill'd asking him to change all his logo on social media and physical stores. The shopkeeper said he was shocked and did not believe that such a chain giant would accuse himself of infringing their trademark against a small store like himself.

What's more, it's hard to say whether the trademark of Mano's infringes on Grill'd. If you look at the two trademarks alone, what they have in common should be the design of white characters on a red background, but the use of fonts is still different.

As for the appearance of the two stores, it is completely different. The overall style of Mano's is mainly red, and the tables and chairs placed in the store, the parasol at the door, the decoration of the window and door frame, etc., are all eye-catching red, consistent with the design style of our own trademark.

The red color of the Grill'd store is only reflected in its own signboard, and the overall design style of the store does not have any red elements. In terms of store design, most consumers should be able to tell which is Mano's and which is Grill'd.

But Grill'd insists that Mano's 's logo misleads consumers into mistaking Mano's for Grill'd and insists that Mano's modify the trademark it is using.

Since the owner Mano didn't have the money and time to sue Grill'd 's professional lawyers, he finally agreed to change the store's logo to scarlet letter on a white background. But in view of the request made by the Grill'd side, the shopkeeper wants Grill'd to bear the cost of changing the logo.

Grill'd rejected this and issued a statement saying it was an Australian company, not a multinational that wanted to crowd out small businesses. Grill'd, which has worked hard to build its own brand and reputation for 20 years, has the right to protect its brand from being used by others. Letting Mano's change its trademark is their own brand protection.

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