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The dragon is in the sky! The coffee shop fights in the spring in the New year!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop with the ringing of the New year, we usher in the year of the Dragon. In this day full of joy and peace, various industries are celebrating the arrival of the New year in their own way. The coffee industry is no exception, which combines the traditional couplets in a unique way.

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With the bell ringing in the Spring Festival, we ushered in the year of the Dragon. In this day full of joy and peace, various industries are celebrating the arrival of the New year in their own way. The coffee industry is no exception. In a unique way, they combine the traditional couplet culture with modern coffee culture, slowly creating a different flavor of the year.

Recently, on the Little Red Book platform, a cafe owner posted a post saying that "the coffee shop's annual flavor has been loaded."

It turned out that in order to welcome the Spring Festival, the boss specially pasted a carefully prepared couplet on the wall of the cafe. These couplets are not only closely integrated with coffee culture, but also skillfully integrated with the wishes and expectations of the New year.

One of the couplets wrote: "Coffee has both bitterness and sweetness, stealing it for half a day." This couplet expresses the close relationship between coffee and life. It tells us that life is like a full-bodied cup of coffee, which needs to be tasted carefully. On the occasion of the New year, we should welcome every beautiful moment like the warm sunshine.

At the same time, the operators of many cafes have also displayed the Spring Festival couplets they have carefully prepared for the cafe on social networks, which exude a strong festive flavor and add a different flavor to the cafe.

Next, let's enjoy the Spring Festival atmosphere brought by these independent cafes and feel the unique warmth and joy.

The upper couplet means that while tasting the latte, the upper couplet also hopes to reap wealth and fortune, while the lower couplet expresses the enjoyment of American coffee and beautiful scenery at the same time. Pray for everything to go well and have good luck on the way to life.

"the American style is excellent with ice, and the octahedron dragon has money to spend." Shanglian said that enjoying a cup of American coffee with ice tastes very delicious; the lower link "octave Linglong has money to spend" means that the money is booming, business is booming, and the money is rolling in like a dragon. This couplet skillfully combines the auspicious elements of coffee culture and tradition.

In addition, many independent cafes also hang interesting Spring Festival couplets, such as:

The combination of coffee and couplet is a perfect blend of modern and traditional, fashion and culture. It allows us to enjoy modern life, but also feel the unique charm of traditional culture. This cross-border innovation not only enriches our way of life, but also makes our culture more diverse and inclusive.

On the occasion of the Spring Festival, let's go into such a cafe, taste the aroma of coffee, feel the charm of traditional culture, and welcome a hopeful and beautiful New year together.

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