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No order for Chinese New year? Lucky employees are "happy" too early!

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Last Updated: 2024/06/25, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop Spring Festival has quietly arrived, in this family get together to celebrate the New year, many industries have ushered in a short rest and relaxation, and baristas may be looking forward to a rare break. But in this seemingly deserted holiday

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The Spring Festival has arrived quietly, in this time of family gathering and celebrating the New year, many industries have ushered in a short rest and relaxation, and baristas may be looking forward to a rare break. However, in this seemingly deserted holiday, there is a special group of "coffee beaters" who still stick to their posts at the bar of the coffee shop.

Recently, a lucky worker posted on the social platform that "if the poles are reversed, it's too early to be happy."

The lucky worker said that he thought yesterday's desolation was the norm during the Spring Festival, but unexpectedly ushered in an unexpected busyness. I was just in my own store yesterday, and I had no choice but to stand because of the scarcity of customers. as a result, my own store was closed today, so I was urgently dispatched to the shopping mall for support.

It never stops from morning till night, and the entire production bar is filled with empty boxes for making coffee drinks and unmade new orders. The experience of this reversal of poles is really hard for people to laugh or cry.

In response, a partner in Ruixing's part-time job cried that "New Year's Eve worked two hours of unpaid overtime at Ruixing." she thought there was no one, but as a result, she had an order almost every minute in the afternoon, and kept taking orders until the last minute of closing the shop. In addition, many lucky partners said that before closing the shop, many orders were issued because many orders were stuck, resulting in a long delay in closing for the Spring Festival.

Many lucky friends, who were severely beaten by the Spring Festival, said in the comments area that "who is going to work during the Spring Festival has to face the order explosion" and "as soon as the business opens at 10: 00, the order will be exposed directly to the afternoon." I thought that workers had a holiday during the Spring Festival, but there was not even a daily pre-closing time. Even a partner said with a wry smile helplessly: "Happiness is yours, but the list is ours."

At the same time, some netizens sighed that after returning to their hometown, Ruixing felt like a popular New year product, deeply loved by everyone.

This also reflects from the side that many young people who like coffee still cannot resist their love of coffee when they return to their hometown. They will look for chain coffee or independent cafes to meet their daily coffee drinking needs.

But not all of Lucky's partners experienced the explosion. Some partners who chose to stay at the store during the Spring Festival said that they had spent a relatively idle day as usual, and even joked that the last time they were so idle was guarding the store on National Day. this Spring Festival is even easier than the National Day, with few orders a day.

In addition, there are also lucky workers who are free to draw funny and lovely patterns of the year of the Dragon on the bags of each cup of coffee, adding a special atmosphere to the festival.

I believe that in this Spring Festival, you have seen the different faces of Lucky baristas: some are busy between exploding orders, and some are enjoying rare leisure.

But in any case, they have brought a wonderful coffee experience to every customer with a positive attitude and professional spirit. At the same time, I also wish you all a wonderful coffee time in the new year, no matter where you are.

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