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Can I make 30 grams of coffee at once? How much is the right amount of hand coffee powder to extract at one time?

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Last Updated: 2024/04/19, Mom and Dad: "Don't you know how to make coffee? go and make everyone a cup." I:... I wonder if the coffee people at home during the Spring Festival are also staging this situational dialogue: under the eyes of a group of relatives and friends, they want everyone to have a few sips of coffee, grind dozens of grams of beans in one breath, and make more than a pot of beans.

Mom and Dad: "Don't you know how to make coffee? go and make everyone a cup."


I don't know if the coffee people at home during the Spring Festival are also staging this situational dialogue: under the eyes of a group of relatives and friends, they want everyone to have a few sips of coffee, grind dozens of grams of beans in one breath, and make a pot of coffee for more than one person. After a meal of operation, the liquid surface of the tail section began to accumulate water, the extraction time was far more than 2 minutes, and the taste of coffee became low and turbid, which was very different from the usual flushing, so I wondered why.

In order to solve this problem, Qianjie will tell you today about the skills you need to pay attention to in brewing this kind of coffee with large amounts of powder for many people.

Why does this change occur when the amount of powder increases?

In view of the fact that most of the filter cups we get are small size 01, or only cook 1-2 servings at a time, the amount of powder is a relatively fixed parameter, and the daily cooking is almost no more than 20 grams of coffee beans. Over time, we have become familiar with this "small amount of powder" cooking framework, when brewing a certain type of coffee beans, how much water should be injected, how much water should be injected, and when to stop or continue to pour water. All the details can be said to be under control.

But now, the amount of powder has suddenly increased to 30 grams, and under the same powder-to-water ratio, the amount of water injected is nearly double (or even more) than before. The first time of water injection is bound to increase with the proportion, so the total time of launching will naturally be superimposed.

In addition, no matter which type / type of filter cup we use, once the amount of powder increases, the powder layer will certainly become thicker and thicker, and the total time for the water to penetrate the coffee and drip into the pot will be prolonged. Take the usual amount of 15 grams of powder in front street as an example, pour it into the No. 01 V60 filter cup at exactly half the height and finish the drip in about 1 minute 50 seconds to 2 minutes 10 seconds; while when using 30 grams of coffee powder for extraction, you can see through the filter cup that the thickness has reached 2x3 of the cup body. If you still pour water according to the habit of "small amount of powder", it will take at least 2 minutes and 40 seconds for all the coffee liquid to be dripped.

In other words, if you only increase the amount of powder in a single brew, and the difference is relatively large (for example, 15 grams and 30 grams), the longer the soaking time of the coffee will be, the greater the probability of releasing the bitter substances at the end of the cake. that is, the more likely to cause bitter, astringent, miscellaneous, thick and other rich and heavy taste. From the point of view of Qianjie, at this time, we can make some adjustments according to the type of filter cup in our hand to ensure that the flavor of coffee is more similar to that of small powder.

When you have a large filter cup (No. 02)

If we usually use a small filter cup for one serving of powder (15 grams) and become a large filter cup for more people (30 grams), we only need to convert the parameters proportionally, but if we want to restore the extraction model of the small filter cup, we should also pay attention to the state of steaming and the adjustment of water flow.

A large amount of powder means that the powder layer is thick, which requires more hot water to infiltrate all the particles and takes longer for them to discharge gas. For example, the front street with tapered 02 V60 flushing 30 grams of powder, the thicker the powder layer, so steaming will use 60 grams of water to wait for 35 seconds, water injection first converge the center Rao small circle, let the "C position" particles first absorb water slowly spread, so that the gas will be discharged around, in order to achieve a better steaming effect.

When it comes to the formal extraction stage, the water injection flow rate is larger than before, on the one hand, it can raise the powder layer and increase the contact area of powder water accordingly, and in addition, it can appropriately shorten the contact time of powder water to avoid over-extraction caused by coffee soaking for too long. For example, the flow rate of a small amount of powder is 5~6ml/s, while a large amount of powder can be increased to 10ml/s, and the extraction time can be controlled at about 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

When there is only a small filter cup (No. 01)

As we all know, the design of 01 filter cup is only suitable for brewing 15g to 20g powder. If 30g powder is forcibly used, it will obviously be "overloaded". If you don't believe it, the steaming hamburgers are about to fill the entire filter cup, so there is even less room for water injection in the back, and there may be stagnant water at the end. Therefore, in order to adapt to the rhythm of a large amount of fans, we have to redesign a brewing scheme.

First of all, in the degree of grinding, Qianjie suggests a little thicker to reduce the resistance of the flow. Take the EK43s produced by the store as an example, when cooking a large amount of powder, the barista will jump the scale by 0.3mm 0.5 grid, and the pass rate of the No. 20 screen will change from 80% to 75%, in order to speed up the water properly.

In the method of water injection, water injection can be divided into several stages, and the flow can be controlled according to the degree of expansion of the coffee powder layer to avoid overflow.

The ratio of powder to water is still 1: 15. 30 grams of powder corresponds to 450g of hot water, which can be divided into 5 sections. The first stage of steaming injection is 50ml, and the other 4 sections are all 100ml. The stifling steam is still injected from the center, the second stage is injected in a small circle, the circle range of the third stage is a little larger than that of the second stage, the circle range of the fourth stage is a little larger than that of the third stage, and the final fifth stage is injected into the center, and the total extraction time is between 2 minutes, 40 minutes and 3 minutes.


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