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Absolutely! "Chinese Dragon" barista picks up flowers!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/14, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop recently, the coffee circle set off an upsurge of "Chinese knot flower". This innovation originated from the display on Manner posters and quickly spread among coffee lovers and coffee practitioners. I'm sure if you've noticed, socially.

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Recently, the coffee circle has set off an upsurge of "Chinese knots and flowers". This innovation originated from the display on Manner posters and quickly spread among coffee lovers and coffee practitioners.

If you have noticed, on social platforms, many baristas love to show their unique coffee drawing skills or share tutorials on coffee carving patterns. Especially with the arrival of the "year of the Dragon", all kinds of creative "drawing flowers in the year of the Dragon" continue to emerge, fully showing the barista's unlimited creativity and charm in the art of drawing flowers.

👌, let's start with a wave of handsome coffee drawings!

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With the increase in the number of cups produced by baristas, the flower-drawing technology has become more and more skillful, making the basic pattern of the flower easily, and gradually beginning to explore creative coffee carving skills.

In fact, in the early days, flower drawing was limited to simple patterns, such as love and leaves. However, with the popularity of boutique coffee, baristas around the world began to pay more attention to this 1st Skill, and in-depth study of the artistic appearance of coffee surface. Soon, a variety of exquisite "coffee flowers" have emerged, and the art of carving has also come to the fore in this trend.

The world of coffee is always full of infinite possibilities and surprises, and the art of coffee pull pushes this charm to the best part. From the simple heart shape to the complex Chinese knot, from the traditional leaves to the innovative pattern of the year of the Dragon, each flower drawing is an artistic creation and display. This is not only a test of baristas' skills, but also a challenge to their creativity and aesthetic ability.

Looking at these elegant and handsome flower patterns, we can't help but praise the baristas' superb craftsmanship and unlimited creativity. With their own hands, they depict beautiful pictures on the surface of the coffee, bringing us both visual and taste enjoyment.

In the future, with the continuous development and popularization of coffee culture, let's look forward to baristas to create more beautiful flower works.

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