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In order to squeeze into the New year's Eve dinner table?! New "cut cake" on Starbucks!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/18, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop on January 29th, Starbucks launched a series of desserts integrated with Chinese traditional New year flavor, including "Babao blessing cake", which is newly added to the "whole" cake family, only in limited cities, and simultaneously launched three flavors (Fulu Hawthorn cake, Babao)

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On January 29, Starbucks launched a series of desserts integrated with traditional Chinese New year flavor, including the "Babao blessing cake", which is newly added to the "whole" cake family, only in limited cities. and simultaneously launched three flavors (Fulu Hawthorn cake, eight treasures fortune cake, star wish bamboo cake).

Usually, when you order dessert at Starbucks, you choose a small piece of cake after slicing. However, the new Babao blessing cake in Starbucks'"whole" series is priced at 69 yuan. As soon as it was launched, it attracted many consumers and bloggers keen to share daily reviews to sign in, and caused a heated discussion on social networks.

In the Little Red Book, a netizen posted that Starbucks seemed to be trying to cater to the festive atmosphere of Chinese New year's Eve by launching a whole piece of "eight treasures blessing cake". At the same time, it is reminded that this whole piece of Babao blessing cake does not support special star delivery service, customers need to go to the store in person to order and pick up food.

In this regard, in the comment area, many netizens posted pictures showing that the Babao blessing cake successfully boarded their dinner table.

However, there are also passers-by who hold different views, believing that "unsuitable circles do not have to be forcibly integrated" and "work in the wrong direction and have no desire to take a look." At the same time, some netizens pointed out that when I bought the Babao opening cake last year, I thought it was very much like cutting the cake, and this year there was a whole piece of Babao blessing cake. I have to say, Starbucks "you know how to cut cake".

This small cake contains eight ingredients: walnuts, chopped hazelnuts, red dates, almond kernels, pumpkin seeds, peanuts, cashew nuts and dried cranberries. After seeing these ingredients, it is really like what netizens call "cut cake".

Everyone's comments on the taste of Starbucks's new cake may vary, although some consumers may be dissuaded by the appearance of Babel's blessing cake.

But from the netizens' actual evaluation, it is mainly red jujube flavor, there is a layer of chocolate at the bottom, the taste is hard, the whole is not very sweet, but this cake is still worth a try. In addition, some netizens believe that the Chinese-style Eight Delicacies Rice is more authentic and healthy.

The Babao blessing cake launched by Starbucks is undoubtedly an integration of Chinese traditional culture. Although in taste and form, it may be different from the traditional Eight Delicacies Rice, consumers also show different responses, not only enthusiastic pursuit, but also cautious wait-and-see. This differentiated response precisely reflects the diversity of market demand.

As the saying goes, it is difficult to tune. For Starbucks, by launching desserts with traditional Chinese characteristics, it not only enriches its own brand product line, but also increases its emotional connection with consumers.

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