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Dongpo meat latte? Starbuck, you make me strange!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click to follow| Coffee Workshop believes that everyone has heard of the traditional famous dish "Dongpo braised pork" in Jiangnan area, and some people have even tasted its delicious taste. However, I don't know if you've tried Starbucks 'recently selected unique drink-"Annual Salty Latte"

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I believe everyone has heard of the traditional famous dish "braised pork in Dongpo" in the south of the Yangtze River, and some people have even tasted its delicacy.

However, I don't know if you have tried a unique drink recently launched by Starbucks, the Nianfeng salty latte, which is priced at 68 yuan per cup. This coffee is inspired by Dongpo meat and combines the flavor sauce of Dongpo braised pork and pork jerky.

Recently, on the social platform, a blogger shared his curiosity and expectations about Starbucks' new "Nianfeng salty latte". Netizens nervously asked the Starbucks barista: "does this coffee taste strange?" Starbucks partner said: "some guests like this coffee very much."

After tasting it, the blogger found that this "Dongpo bacon latte" tastes salty and sweet. Unexpectedly, this coffee really adds the element of "bacon", even similar to the taste of fermented bean curd stew + Crispy Sugar-Coated Fruit. This unique taste has led some netizens to say that "it is a bit behind Starbucks."

In the comment area, some netizens said that bacon in coffee is no different from chocolate in Xiaolong buns, which is quite "cracked". In addition, some passers-by are confused about the so-called innovation and pricing of 68 dollars, thinking that these innovations may only be to attract attention, and there are no practical changes.

For example, add red oil Lao Gan Ma soy sauce to double-skinned milk and ice cream to bean juice. Such as creative coffee, these seemingly novel combinations may just be in pursuit of curiosity.

Some consumers think that such innovation does not improve the taste or nutritional value of food, but makes people feel a little "strange". Second, he was confused about the taste choice of the product research and development department, and did not understand the relationship between dried meat, Dongpo meat and bacon, and netizens joked that Starbucks'"coffee is going through everything that moon cakes have experienced" at this moment.

Although Starbucks'"dried Pork and Coffee" combination is seen by many as an advanced creative feature, some consumers say they are willing to try this novel mix.

In addition, this kind of creative specialty coffee is not uncommon, and other coffee shops have already begun to try to combine ingredients with coffee to create a variety of unique flavors. However, with the passage of time, these special coffees seem to deviate from their original intention.

Instead of attracting more people to accept coffee, they are becoming more and more strange, even outrageous. These innovations seem more like a dish than a traditional coffee drink.

At the same time, this practice did not make more people interested in special coffee, but caused some people's disgust. The reason is that the ingredients of some special coffee do not match the taste of the coffee itself, which makes people feel mixed when tasting. In addition, such creative coffee is also expensive, further exacerbating consumer caution towards them.

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