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Is the recently popular "butter coffee" good to drink?

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, Recently, the operation of adding butter to coffee has triggered another craze! Butter, also known as butter, cream, is a product obtained by separating cream and skim milk from milk, allowing cream to mature, stir, and add various operations. In the earliest days, butter's main use was in cooking.

Recently, the operation of adding butter to coffee has caused a craze again! "butter", alias white skim, cream, it is the product obtained after people separate the whipped cream from skim milk, let the whipped cream mature, stir, and various operations.

In the earliest days, the main use of butter was to flavor food in cooking. With the improvement of butter production technology and the birth of cold chain transportation technology, butter can be spread all over the world! After the popularity of butter, it is no longer just used for food, the operation of adding butter to all kinds of drinks has long been derived everywhere, including coffee! For example, in Singapore, it has become a daily practice for locals to add butter to coffee, and such a cup of coffee is known locally as "Kopitiam".

People first grind the coffee beans into powder, then pour them into a cloth bag called "Sock" to brew, and then add butter after brewing. And because the coffee beans used are Robusta, which tastes bitter, condensed milk is added to the bottom of the cup to neutralize the bitterness. There is also the bulletproof coffee shared by Qianjie Coffee some time ago. Because it claims to have the effect of reducing fat, it is loved by all kinds of fitness people in the West! The main ingredients are black coffee, butter, and MCT (medium chain triglycerides).

Bulletproof coffee made of these materials will make the body feel full and inhibit people's desire for sugar and other carbon water after being drunk by people. During this period of time, the body continues to be hungry due to lack of food filling, so fat will be consumed by the body instead of food, thus achieving the effect of reducing fat! However, it should be noted that due to the existence of oil, this cup of coffee can easily cause discomfort to friends with bad intestines and stomach, so bulletproof coffee is best to drink carefully! However, the recent popularity of buttered coffee is not a feature of these traditions, because it does not rely on taste and efficacy after drinking to spread all over the network. The reason why it is really popular is that it has a different hole.

The reason for "buttered brushed coffee" is that a netizen had a whim when making buttered coffee and directly added butter to the espresso extract in an attempt to extract espresso with rich butter. Never thought about it! Because it is a bottomless powder bowl, the coffee machine presses the butter directly in solid form!

This process is very decompressed, and the butter is slowly pressed out like noodles, so the visual effect of "buttered coffee" quickly shot up after the netizen posted it on the Internet. And the way it is made is as simple as Qianjie Coffee describes: just put butter in the powder bowl of Italian coffee, then pour in the coffee powder to fill it, and you can get the effect of "wire drawing" by direct extraction. And, because the effect is very similar to noodles, it is also ridiculed as "butter noodle coffee" by netizens.

However, Qianjie Coffee is very discouraging for friends to learn for two reasons: one is that the extraction of coffee will be very uneven, and the reason why we need to fill the coffee powder in the powder bowl is to ensure that pressed powder during extraction will not lead to channels due to uneven distribution of coffee particles, resulting in uneven extraction taste of coffee! But the addition of bulk butter will inevitably change the layout of coffee powder, when the butter is pressed out, the structure of pressed powder will change and collapse, so the taste of the extracted coffee is imaginable (and due to the existence of butter, coffee powder can not use the standard capacity of the powder bowl)! Another factor is that in production, what you need to use is solid butter, putting the lump butter under the pressed powder will greatly increase the initial extraction pressure of the coffee machine, for commercial coffee machines, these excess pressure can be released by the pressure relief function, but what if it is some household coffee machines that do not have the pressure relief function? This practice can easily lead to coffee machine failure, need to return to the factory for maintenance, resulting in unnecessary expenses!

In addition, in terms of cleaning, it is not just cleaning the powder bowl! When the coffee machine is relieving pressure, it will absorb all the liquid in the powder bowl! In other words, all pipes from the water distribution network to the pressure relief port will be stained with butter! After Qianjie Coffee finished making this cup of butter-drawn coffee, it took half an hour to wash so that the pipe no longer had the smell of butter. So, if you want to drink a cup of strong buttered coffee, Qianjie Coffee advises friends to take the butter out and melt it separately. Because this can not only ensure a complete extraction of the coffee, but also ensure that the butter can be well integrated into the coffee, making the taste more suitable.


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