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You can't play bad reviews in a row when playing cards, the shopkeeper: have a clear conscience

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop has just passed the New year holiday, everyone should have a good time, singing, playing cards and watching movies, which may be the New year's activities that many people do every year. Unlike singing and watching movies, playing cards is not too demanding for the venue.

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During the past New year holiday, everyone should have had a good time, singing, playing cards and watching movies, which may be the New year's activities that many people carry out every year. Unlike singing and watching movies, playing cards is not too demanding for the venue, a pair of poker or mahjong, find a place with tables and chairs, you can start quickly.

As a result, the cafe, which offers all kinds of drinks and comfortable seats, is a good place for poker players. When you call a couple of friends and order a cup of coffee, you can talk about your life while playing cards.

This is what a consumer thought. When he asked a friend to go to a cafe, eight people met and played cards at the table in front of the store. They were playing happily. Unexpectedly, the shopkeeper in the bar came out and asked them to play cards in another place, saying that they could not receive them. The shopkeeper's driving behavior caused dissatisfaction among consumers, and he even gave two bad reviews, saying that since coffee shopkeepers are open for business, they should accept and accommodate customers with entertainment needs, rather than driving away consumers who play cards, which appears to be "no pattern."

In the eyes of consumers, people who go to cafes can choose to study and work, or they can choose to chat and play with their mobile phones. Previously, many go fans in Starbucks in Shanghai played chess in the store, and Starbucks did not drive away customers, so coffee shop owners should accept consumers with entertainment needs instead of shutting them out.

Some netizens also said that there are private rooms for card-playing guests in the cafes in their city, while some coffee shop owners say that they fight with their regular customers in their spare time and do not exclude customers from playing cards in the store.

However, some netizens supported the shopkeeper's approach: "Coffee shops are not mahjong parlors and board game rooms. Playing cards has too much impact on the experience of other guests. The boss did the right thing." Many netizens said that they went to the cafe because they wanted to be quiet. If someone plays cards in the cafe, talking and cheering loudly regardless of the life or death of others, it will affect other customers in the shop and cause trouble to others.

In addition, some netizens believe that consumer behavior is essentially a willing transaction, consumers can choose shopkeepers, shopkeepers can also choose consumers. When shopkeepers think that consumers coming to the store to play cards will affect other people in the store, and even affect the store's image and business, it is understandable that consumers who play cards should leave.

However, many shopkeepers in the comment area have no choice but to say that their small shops often encounter customers who want to play cards in the store, and it is not that they do not want to stop them, but as soon as they come forward to gently remind them, they may add a bad review to their stores, and sometimes dissuade them from doing nothing, so they can only turn a blind eye and let customers play cards in the store.

Some shopkeepers laugh at themselves that all kinds of notices have been posted on the walls of the store, such as "No smoking", "No posing" and so on. Now there is no place to add a new rule of "No playing cards".

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