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How tricky! Now the description of coffee is too difficult to understand.

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Last Updated: 2024/05/20, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop I wonder if my friends have taken advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to go out for fun and explore their favorite coffee shop? Although it is often said that the coffee track was hot last year, many independent coffee shops chose to stop losses in time in the fierce industry volume, but also

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I don't know if you guys have taken advantage of the Spring Festival holiday to go out and play while exploring your favorite coffee shop? Although it is often said that last year's coffee track was hot, many independent coffee shops chose to stop losses in time in the fierce industry, but there are also many coffee shops still insisting.

However, it is not easy for coffee shop owners to maintain their uniqueness while ensuring that they give customers products and services at the same price.

Some shopkeepers think of using a small printed card, which can not only introduce the store's specialty drinks to consumers, but also make it unique to the store, so that consumers can think of themselves as soon as they see this small card.

For example, some coffee shops with special coffees will give customers drinks with a card printed with the shop logo. The product name, materials, inspiration for making, precautions for drinking, etc. will be written into a paragraph with artistic flavor, and the card will be accompanied by exquisite illustrations or beautiful pictures.

Other coffee shops, which mainly make coffee by hand, make "identity cards" for their coffee beans. The small cards indicate the origin, roasting degree, flavor introduction and so on of the coffee beans, so that customers can know the relevant attributes of the coffee beans at a glance and learn some knowledge of the coffee beans.

Perhaps because the hand-brewed coffee "identity card" compared with the special coffee art card,"identity card" mostly shows a sense of regularity, like a product manual, in order to enable consumers to better understand the flavor of coffee beans, baristas in the coffee flavor description to do their best, with words to help customers feel the charm of coffee beans.

"Sandalwood aromas, red apple and green melon-like flavors, with a toasted malt finish,""Natural aromas of earth and fir, light acidity, honey sweetness, intense malt flavor on the palate,""Hazelnut chocolate and carakara orange flavors, with a sweet Demerara syrup."

Rich flavor descriptions seem to describe coffee flavor in more detail, but some consumers who are new to coffee can't distinguish the flavor written on the small card carefully from the drink, and some consumers even doubt themselves,"Is it their own problem not to drink these descriptions,""I only drink the taste of roasted sweet potatoes, can I say,""Is there something wrong with my nose? I don't smell flowers! "。

Some netizens believe that since baristas want to use words to let consumers feel the flavor and charm of coffee, they should consider describing it with descriptions that more people can easily associate with, which can also make consumers feel the flavor described in the text more intuitively in the tasting process, rather than making the text a coffee flavor.

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