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It is also important for the spout of the hand-flushing pot to choose hedge cooking! What kind of water will flow out from different spouts?

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Last Updated: 2024/04/16, Many Xiaobai friends always have some questions after drinking their own coffee. Obviously, the beans, parameters and brewing methods they use are the same as those in the store, but why can't they make coffee as delicious as a coffee shop? As a result, a friend brought this problem to the front street store, only to find that the problem

Many Xiaobai friends always have some questions after drinking their own coffee. Obviously, the beans, parameters and brewing methods they use are the same as those in the store, but why can't they make coffee as delicious as a coffee shop?

As a result, a friend came to the Qianjie store with this problem, and found that the initiator of the problem actually came from the spout of the hand-made pot! Although the way of cooking is exactly the same, the water column poured out is not the same thing because of the difference of the spout. Therefore, what Qianjie wants to share today is how to choose the spout of this hand-punching pot!

What's the difference between the spout of a hand-flushing pot? The shape of the outlet of the hand flushing pot is an important factor that can affect the state of the water column. when the cooking is not proficient, the control of water flow is mainly controlled by the spout. The difference of the size and width of the spout will directly affect the shape of the water column and the difficulty of water injection. Therefore, for novice friends, when picking players to flush the pot, the choice of spout is very important!

The most common spouts on the market are mainly divided into flat beak, flattened beak, olecranon beak, crane beak, and elephant trunk beak! Different forms of them have different functions, and people distinguish between thin mouth and wide mouth according to the caliber of the spout.

Small mouth pot as its name, the whole spout is very slender, and the water can pass through less space, so the water column out is small, concentrated and full of impact! Compared with the wide-mouth kettle, this caliber spout is a more friendly style for newcomers, and it can pour out a uniform and powerful flow without much practice! The only disadvantage is that the narrow spout can not pour out a larger flow, the operating space is relatively small, and because the flow is relatively concentrated, it is easy to form a parabola and the falling point is deviated.

Wide-mouth pot is more playable! Because of the wide caliber of the spout, when you can use it skillfully, the size of the flow can be controlled at will to meet the tricky cooking techniques required for a large amount of water injection! The disadvantage is that he is not very friendly to Xiaobai friends. Because of the wide caliber and large water flow, he needs more practice to master the control of water flow.

The tip of some spouts of olecranon pots is designed with a larger Radian, a shape that can help baristas better form a vertical column of water. Compared with other types of spouts, under the same amount of water, the body of this kind of kettle does not need too much tilt to make a vertical water column easily! And, because the spout is ticked down, it can avoid the situation that the water will countercurrent.

Flat mouth is reasonable, Qianjie feels that the most difficult thing to control is flat mouth! Flat mouth means that the opening of its spout is as flat as a horizontal plane. it does not have a curved diversion port, so it is difficult to form a vertical water column as easily as other spouts. Once the water is injected improperly, it is easy to turn the water column into a parabola! But if you can "tame" it, it's easy to control other pots. After all, the big BOSS has been overthrown. Will it be difficult for others?

Seen from the side, the spout is a very flat bevel, as if it had been flattened by a knife. Compared with the flat nozzle, it is easier to pour out the vertical water column, the size of the flow can be taken into account, the applicability is wide, and the operation difficulty is medium. Therefore, this type of spout is used in most hand pots in recent years.

The name of crane mouth comes from the spout of this pot, which looks like a crane mouth from the side! The neck of this kind of kettle is from thick to thin, which allows the flow of water to be concentrated and penetrating. Of course, the difficulty of operation is also relatively high, need constant practice, improve proficiency before you can use it safely!

Elephant snout, like snout and crane beak, is a spout named by appearance analogy! Its neck is also a triangular streamline, from thick to thin, the kettle body to the tip of the mouth is gradually converged, and the spout is narrow. Therefore, its water flow will be softer than that of the crane mouth pot!

I have bought a hand-made pot, but what should I do if I am not satisfied with it? Many friends found that the pot was not suitable until they bought it and put it into use. However, since the product is non-refundable after use, most friends can only make it easier by constantly using it and improving their proficiency. However, in addition to improving proficiency, there is actually another way to make it "clever"!

For example, the picture above shows the hand punching pot used in the front street store, and the Hario copper hand punching pot with a flat mouth. In the case of unskilled use, it is easy to pour out the parabolic column of water, which deviates the falling point of the water and affects the cooking! Therefore, Qianjie has transformed it!

(before the transformation on the left and after the transformation on the right) the specific operation is to grind it with a file until its spout is cut out to form an olecranon with a downward hook at the tip of the mouth, and the transformation is completed! After the transformation of the hand pot not only has its own design of the beauty, but also has a more useful olecranon features, simply not too fragrant! Of course, Qianjie is just sharing a train of thought, it is still difficult to transform, if you don't pay attention to the file bend (bad), it will be difficult to correct it! Therefore, Qianjie suggested that if the hands-on ability is not very strong friends, improving proficiency will be a better choice.