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The product is suspected of cutting corners? Employee: mistake!

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Last Updated: 2024/07/24, ▲ Click to follow | Daily boutique Coffee Culture Magazine Coffee Workshop New year holiday is over, I wonder if you have a cup of coffee to cheer you up on the first day of work? Some chain coffee brands have launched start-up coffee discounts to attract migrant workers who return to work to buy. Many consumers bring it to the store.

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At the end of the New year holiday, I wonder if you have come to have a cup of coffee to cheer you up on the first day of work. Some chain coffee brands have launched start-up coffee discounts to attract migrant workers who return to work to buy.

Many consumers go to the store to bring a cup of made coffee to start the new year's work beautifully, but today, a customer who buys coffee at Starbucks is not happy. The all-iced American coffee he placed an order for is four portions of condensed coffee, while the drink sent to his eyes is only three servings condensed. According to reason, the clerk confirmed that he had made a mistake, took the wrong drink back to the bar and added a portion of condensed coffee before returning it to the customer.

According to the customer, the Starbucks store has made itself wrong drinks before, such as caramel macchiato coffee without caramel, so this time the all-iced American coffee is one less concentrated, so the customer can't help but suspect that Starbucks employees cut corners when they produce. Dissatisfied with Starbucks' quality control.

Some Starbucks employees explained that this customer ordered a large cup to select the American style, while the concentration made by the selected bean warehouse is usually two parts of shot, so the normal production process is to extract twice to get four parts of shot, and there should not be the case of adding three parts of shot. If that's what the customer says, it's likely to be the employee's own operational error, or misremembering the recipe, rather than deliberately cutting corners.

In addition, netizens pointed out that according to the operation procedure, when the employee found that he had made a mistake, he should ask the customer whether to add the concentrate directly, get the consent and then inject it into the cup, or directly make a new drink for the customer instead of making a choice for the customer without inquiry. From this point of view, the Starbucks employee did make a mistake at work.

However, netizens believe that even if there is an explanation from a Starbucks employee, it does not mean that the employee who made the mistake was not intentional. Some netizens said that the current Starbucks latte tastes less coffee, more like milk, questioning whether Starbucks lattes are less concentrated. Previously, customers on the social platform also reported that they were not satisfied with the hot drinks they bought at Starbucks, that there was no shredded hazelnut on the top of the cream, and so on.

Many consumers choose Starbucks among many coffee chain brands because they like Starbucks' stable product quality and high-quality service of its employees, but in recent years, Starbucks' quality control has been repeatedly dissatisfied with consumers. Some netizens said that they will try their best to watch the employees' products at the bar after placing orders at the store, and the instability of quality control makes consumers feel that Starbucks is unreliable.

In terms of service, we often see netizens report that the employees of some stores are unfriendly and show impatience or even reply in the face of customers. this also led netizens with such experience to say that "I haven't had a drink since the last time I was abused by Starbucks employees."

Starbucks stores are expanding faster and are in urgent need of a large number of employees, but Starbucks employees have revealed that in order to get people to work earlier, Starbucks stores will shorten the duration of staff training, resulting in uneven staff quality and unstable product quality control. all of these are not good for the brand image, but also weaken consumers' love for Starbucks.

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